Marvelling in Modular Construction

Jamal Wick, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Bespoke Industries
Jamal Wick, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Bespoke Industries

By augmenting new trends in seasonal hospitality and novel construction Jamal Wick's Bespoke Industries has come a long way in recreating design and perfection.

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By Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Mon 14 Dec 2020, 8:34 AM

Last updated: Mon 14 Dec 2020, 10:49 AM

After graduating from Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, a prestigious academic background that prides itself for its legacy in hospitality, Jamal Wick started his journey with the Kempinski Hotel Group, where he climbed the corporate the ladder all the way to opening a portfolio of multiple properties in the region.

He then decided to quit the corporate world and follow his entrepreneurial aspirations which led him to create his first company with his partner, Flip International, a Food & Beverage consulting firm that thrives from "flipping" failing ventures around dedicated to developing unique concepts, creating new ventures and driving trends in the F&B industry.

After a fruitful experience in creating, operating and owning F&B outlets, Wick took a leap forward and brought Bespoke Trailers to inception, a company that specialises in designing, manufacturing and converting any type of mobile units into F&B outlets or any kind of business on wheels. Rising to market leadership position, it provided units for the biggest names in F&B, retail and many others, it has also offered entrepreneurs the opportunity to follow their dreams by collectively fostering innovative concepts and guiding them through their journey.

Bespoke Trailers went an extra mile and succeeded in developing new disruptive mobile concepts such as Carrefour Mobile Market and Tilal Fashion Bus, the first of their kinds.

Wick's achievements didn't end here, in fact, he is now devoted to "Bespoke Modular Solutions" and "RAW Hotels & Resorts", his latest creations in which he aims to reshape and transcend traditional construction and hospitality. Through early adoption of technologies, Wick managed to enhance a unique proposition in design variability, manufacturing precision and logistics efficiency. His products are a quintessence of sustainability and aesthetics, contradicting the reputation of prefabricated as ugly, cheap, poor-quality solutions. They are positioned at the higher end of the market while capturing the full cost and productivity benefits of modular construction.

"We construct in an eco-friendly, sustainable and time reducing manner. We use ethical materials, which reduce carbon footprint," Wick elucidated.

Through a patented technological modular building system, deployment of modular units from design engineering till installation can be completed in four to six months, with site preparation and factory manufacturing completed synchronously hence faster ROI and overall 20-30 per cent cost reduction, not only touching the hospitality industry, but covering the entire construction spectrum.

"The majority of our clients are currently within the hospitality and F&B industry, however, we are equipped to supply solutions to residential and commercial projects, too. Our policy is to move away from steel and concrete - and make use of timber, keeping in mind government guidelines," Wick stated. At this point, his business units can achieve scale and repeatability regionally and are a unique solution for emerging markets with a high cost of building and vast leisure and tourism real estate demand. It is at this intersection that Wick's unique proposition becomes an ecosystemic miracle and could transform the emerging markets tourism industry.

Furthermore, by marrying his expertise in hospitality and his pioneering of sustainable modular building, Wick introduced RAW Hotels & Resorts, a collection of eco-friendly resorts tailored for modern travelers that seek inspiration, adventure or relaxing experiences. RAW Hotels is committed to a holistic environmental and wellness vision by achieving earth check certifications, zero waste landfills, giving back to the community as well as programs centred on mindfulness and well-being focusing on the mind, body and soul.

Presently, Bespoke Industries is focusing on the GCC area with lots of ongoing projects, it recently supplied modular units to Modon, Abu Dhabi's largest real estate developer for a UNESCO protected site in Abu Dhabi. Wick also confided that his company is pleased to design and provide three pop-up modular units for Expo 2020 and is planning to develop modular community malls. He has ambitious plans for the future, expanding to Africa with 3 Design, Build and Operate agreements signed under RAW Hotels & Resort brand.

Bespoke is all set to rewrite a new vista in hospitality, and shaping a new dimension of modular construction to make the world a better place and shine in the business

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