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Providing personalised education is the future.

Published: Sun 31 Jan 2021, 9:13 AM

Last updated: Sun 31 Jan 2021, 11:22 AM

The Indian Academy has made a bold statement and made strides in the UAE's education sector since its establishment in 2012. The Indian Academy, a K-12 school follows the UAE's Vision of 2021, which is the spirit of entrepreneurship, enhanced educational attainment and researched-based learning.

The Indian Academy Dubai lays special focus on sustainability goals and has pioneered as being the first school with a 182 kWP solar panels on their school rooftops and ensuring that all stakeholders are active partners in this challenge. As a solar-powered school with a vision aligned with Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, they are one of the best Indian Curriculum (CBSE) schools, rated "DEVELOPED" by KHDA in the latest Distance Learning evaluation, 2020.

The school stands at a "GOOD" rating as per KHDA and continues to excel in personal, social, emotional and academic outcomes. The Indian Academy students are well-aware of the challenges faced by them in this era of the pandemic, subsequently making the student and parent fraternity to support the advancement of innovative use of technology incorporated in education. The school has exhibited high-quality educational goals and targets, which has been successful in achieving them by getting outstanding results in international benchmark assessments. The school also boasts of being one the very few Rahhal schools in UAE where the students excel in the field of Sports and Hifz.

The school takes pride in their mixed approach, which has created a unified caring family, a community committed to the development and wellbeing of every individual child, as well as the broader school community. The highly experienced and skilled faculty ensure provision of an unparalleled, quality, teaching and learning provision to optimise children's attainment and progress. They also engage their pupils through Performance Pathways, developing further enrichment activities for sporting, academic and performing arts in order to provide a personalised education for each student in a caring and inclusive environment.

At the entry phase, they have a personalised curriculum with best practices taken from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The school follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) from Grades 1 to 12 integrated with international practices providing students with a high and challenging platform for optimising their personal and academic outcomes. 

The learning programme is designed to address the varied learning styles thereby being sensitive to the needs of individual students. The enriched curriculum includes activities like coding, STEAM, speech and drama, foreign language and painting to nurture and prepare students towards a rapidly changing world. This builds curiosity and imagination, which is achieved by 'Experiential and Experimental Learning'. The caring and positive learning environment which includes mindfulness believe in the overall and holistic development of the child.

The recent CBSE transformation and revamping of the education system saw the introduction of skill courses in the school curriculum with the aim of moulding skill-enabled youth. They have introduced additional skill acquisition courses in the syllabus. The school offers a handful of skill courses as per NSDC curriculum, by means of creative and innovative activity-oriented sessions catering to the aptitude and choice of the students. They believe all children are entitled to a high quality, positive experience of physical education. The integration of all the areas of learning provides ample opportunities for children to make connections between their experiences, keeping with international standards in mind. The curriculum is based on age-specific learning goals and has been designed keeping in view of the latest educational trends and the needs of children.

Message from the Principal

The Indian Academy's staff, students and families are increasingly leaving old paradigms behind in favour of what recent advances in cognitive science tell us about enduring learning.

Aspects of our programme include experiential learning, independent and group research, real-world problem solving, sustainability and global perspectives.  These approaches nurture personal and academic wellbeing of all learners.  Distributing leadership among all stakeholders is developing, student agency in their learning and professional growth among staff.

The great Albert Einstein quoted, "Try not to become a person of success; be a person of value."

We encourage students to follow their passions which will impact society and humanity in a meaningful and sustainable way. 

Fact box

Consistently rated  'GOOD' by DSIB

'DEVELOPED' status by DSIB in Distance Learning Evaluation

Learning Benefits

CBSE CURRICULUM integrated with international practices

RAHAAL School (Sports and Hifz)

Innovative, inquiry, experiential and technology integrated learning

Future-focused goals such as additional skill acquisition courses

Early career guidance programme

Top class facilities including -indoor and outdoor sports play area, swimming pool, high-tech science laboratories and state of the art libraries

After school enrichment programme

Highly experienced faculty

Variety of curricular choices- computer science, psychology, informatics practices, physical education, mass media and many more

Academics and performing arts

DSIB Tweet and DLE result

For Admission Enquiries The Indian Academy Tel:+97142646746, 042646733.


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