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Defying odds and shaping dreams: The remarkable journey of Abuthahir Alavudeen

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By Kushmita Bose

Published: Tue 15 Aug 2023, 11:53 AM

Last updated: Tue 15 Aug 2023, 11:58 AM

Circumstances can make or break an individual. They can also propel one down an unexpected path. However, it is the willpower and the urge to achieve something in life that truly defines a person. A similar story can be visualised about Abuthahir Alavudeen, just like 80-90s Bollywood movies where a hero, facing all odds, achieves success in life.

Balancing Dreams and Responsibilities

Amidst the idyllic landscape of a small village in the heart of Tamil Nadu, a youth emerged from the tapestry of modest origins, armed not just with an unyielding resolve but also with an indomitable spirit. Confronted by a myriad of challenges, Abuthahir was compelled to assume the weighty cloak of familial duty owing to his father's declining health. Commencing a path of arduous commitment, a young Abuthahir took an inaugural stride into the realm of wage-earning, within the environs of a bicycle repair shop at the tender age of 13. Juggling between school and job was not easy, with Abuthahir donning many hats — from being a mason's assistant, to a layman in a wire manufacturing company, and an operator in a coconut oil manufacturing unit – all to sustain his family.

Fuelled by a passion to grow, Abuthahir remained steadfast, never losing sight of the big dreams that ignited his journey. Amid fulfilling multiple roles, he managed to achieve his diploma, but it was not too late when an unquenchable thirst for progress spurred him forward, propelling Abuthahir to move from his village to Chennai.

Driven by dreams that knew no limits, a determined man embarked on a journey to Dubai, wholeheartedly embracing the hurdles that accompanied him. With a mere position of an A/C technician, braving the sweltering heat — the road was far from smooth. Yet, the luminous potential of Dubai remained steadfast, signaling that his journey had only just begun.

A Journey of Relentless Pursuit

But life surely has an uncanny way of surprising us, often taking us down unexpected paths. For Abuthahir, the journey began with a modest step into the world of hospitality at Rotana Hotel. “The hotel industry wasn't initially on my radar, but a chance application to Rotana changed everything. My first role as an HVAC technician, signaled a turning point in my career, and that moment felt surreal and I cried myself alone,” he asserts. In the midst of daily struggles, a meager salary of Dh600 to an empowering Dh2,200 was not just a progression, but a profound growth for Abuthahir. Soon after, Abuthahir’s journey continued to unfold, traversing through renowned establishments like Raffles Dubai and Sofitel Dubai Downtown, which propelled him to ascend the echelons of accomplishment with an unwavering determination.

Dubai was more than just a city for Abuthahir; it evolved into a canvas where he etched his aspirations. The hospitality industry imbibed him the significance of affirming new opportunities, meeting challenges with optimism, and seek personal growth. “The city's energy intertwined with my aspirations, shaping me into a person capable of transcending limitations. Through every trial and triumph, I discovered that achieving success isn't just about how skilled you are, but the support of those around you, the circumstances you find yourself in, and the spirit of the place you call home,” he adds.

Ascending through the ranks, Abuthahir embraced a series of promotions, progressing from team leader to supervisor, to finally bagging the esteemed position of a Chief Engineer at Sofitel Dubai Downtown. Each new stride in Dubai served as a stride towards a more promising future, not just for Abuthahir but for his family as well.

Reflecting on his journey, Abuthahir shares that his growth stands as a testament to the unyielding vitality of Dubai. “I have evolved beyond just being an engineer; I've become a dreamer and a doer, ready to inspire others with my tale of persistence, passion, and purpose.”

A Promising Future Ahead

Embarking from small humble village in Tamil Nadu to a thriving metropolis city, Abuthahir’s journey shines as the perfect example of relentless intent and pursuit. His story is not just a tale of accomplishment but rather of the collaborative spirit of Dubai — a place where hardwork and dedication are met with boundless opportunities. It serves as a reminder that with unwavering determination, the pursuit of excellence, and the willingness to learn, anyone can transform their life's journey into an inspiring narrative of triumph. “Today as a Chief Engineer, I look back with gratitude, knowing that every step I took was a tribute to the people who believed in me and the city that embraced me. As my narrative unfolds, I hope to inspire others to dream beyond boundaries, for the path from humble beginnings to soaring heights is a journey worth telling, worth sharing, and worth living,” he concluded.

Message for 77th India Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians! Today, we celebrate the spirit of resilience, unity, and freedom that define our great nation. Let's continue to strive for progress, honour our heritage, and create a future that makes us proud. Let's remember the struggles of our freedom fighters, embrace the values that define us, and work towards a prosperous tomorrow. May our nation continue to shine as a beacon of unity and progress.


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