Inclusion For All

Al Ghaf Private School’s stimulating learning environment ecourages and inspires students to learn from the moment they arrive

Published: Mon 31 Jan 2022, 12:26 PM

Learning at Al Ghaf Private School is always student-centred and inquiry-led. Each day, as students come to school we ensure that through this model of learning, we are developing inquisitive minds that seek to not simply accept what is being taught, but challenge it to further their understanding at every possible opportunity. Our new STREAM and Science labs help to support this. ‘Inclusion for All’ is an ethos that is embedded throughout the school to ensure that every student has access to personalised opportunities to develop and upskill themselves. Our teachers fine-tune their teaching so that their teaching, resources and tasks are individualised, which ensures students have appropriate challenges.

Carlie Farish, Vice Principal, Al Ghaf Private School
Carlie Farish, Vice Principal, Al Ghaf Private School

At Al Ghaf Private School we offer a tailored blend of curriculums, which provides all students with a broad and engaging syllabus to learn from. This hands-on approach to early years development truly upskills our youngest students in preparation for their engagement in the international primary curriculum, which we study from year one to year six. We believe that every child is unique and deserves a personalised learning experience that is heightened when students, staff and parents work together with a common goal.

Now in our second year of operation (one of only a handful of schools to open during the pandemic), our numbers on roll continue to grow and are looking very healthy for the 2022/23 academic year. As a result, we have acquired KHDA approval for a ‘New School Building’ in Jebel Ali, which will be very close to the current site.

We are looking forward to welcoming more International and Emirati students, who continue to register with us for the next academic year. This will further reflect our ‘All Inclusive’ ethos as we continue to develop an incredibly diverse student body at the school. Whilst British students are a majority, we celebrate the fact that we have 35 different nationalities of students currently on roll and are delighted that we will continue to grow. This strengthens our position as a truly community-focused school that honours everyone and rejoices in the fact that everyone is unique and that is the best thing about them!

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