Immigration made simple

Immigration made simple

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In an uncertain world, individuals and families want to maximise their choices — both in terms of lifestyle and opportunities. For many, mobility facilitates those choices and delivers flexibility and strategic long and short-term benefits. Selecting the right solution for individuals and their families can be a complex process — and Fragomen’s Worldwide Private Client Practice (WPCP) in the UAE is here to help simplify your journey.

What we do

- Citizenship

- Temporary and Permanent Residency

- Investor Migration

- Entrepreneur Migration

- Student Migration

- Family and Ancestral Migration

How we work with you

- Strategic consultation and comprehensive advisory services

- Platinum support with a dedicated relationship manager who will coordinate all aspects of the advisory and transactional process

Countries around the world have implemented solutions to cope with the economic downturn and travel restrictions induced by the global pandemic. The jurisdictions Fragomen’s clients have been gravitating to include Australia, Canada, Malta, Portugal, The Caribbean Nations, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Even before the pandemic, the factors driving mobility trends included the need for better education and opportunities; quality of life; political, economic and social stability; personal security; family and ancestral links; ease of travel; and a sense of culture and community.

We are also noticing significant interests from the international community in the UAE and in particular towards Dubai as a global platform for trade, investment and innovation in the final weeks leading up to Expo 2020 Dubai. Over the last year, we’ve seen trends shift towards a knowledge economy; a renewed focus to grow e-commerce and fintech business sectors; proactive measures to control real estate supply across all asset classes; and, most significantly, a push for environmental sustainability with companies in the UAE. The country has also been strategic in implementing measures to retain and attract foreign talent and investment as part of the ‘Projects of the 50’. The UAE has announced and successfully implemented multiple long term visas that are eligible for foreign expats to apply and make the UAE their long term home. The key new categories that expats should look at is the Golden Visa (five years and 10 years residency), the Green Visa, Freelance Visas, Virtual Working Permits, Retirement Visas, and Investor Visa’s for Property Owners.

Fragomen is well-positioned to support applicants to obtain second citizenship in Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, Portugal, The Caribbean Nations along with supporting to secure long term residencies for individuals and their family members in the UAE.


Murtaza Khan, Managing Partner

Middle East and Africa, Fragomen

What are the benefits of second citizenship?

The benefits include visa-free travel, increased security, enhanced business or career opportunities, improved lifestyle, access to children’s education or healthcare, retirement planning and in some cases tax planning. With multiple second citizenship options available, it’s critical to assess individual priorities and get the right advice.

Do you see an increasing trend in the global citizenship space? Can you elaborate? Has Covid-19 impacted this industry in any way?

People have always migrated. The world is now so interconnected, which brings an enhanced interest in both temporary and permanent migration. Covid-19 and travel restrictions created obstacles but we are seeing a renewed interest in global talent moving to countries that have effectively managed the pandemic.

Client Testimonial

Recipient of Commonwealth of Dominica Nationality and Passport

“I have worked with Fragomen since 2015. Our relationship manager provided platinum service helping us determine the most feasible jurisdiction for us to have a second nationality. She was thoughtful, compassionate, and professional, tailoring a solution to my family's personal circumstances. Fragomen will always be my dedicated immigration partner!”

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