Iconic Thumbay Group marks a milestone

The foundations of its formal entry into the corporate world were laid on August 1997 by Dr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder President, and since then, the Thumbay Group has grown to be a multi-domain, multi-emirate player

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Dr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder President, Thumbay Group
Dr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder President, Thumbay Group

Published: Wed 31 May 2023, 1:28 PM

As we celebrate 25 years in the UAE, the Thumbay Group has grown from establishing the first private medical college to a large, mature player that is now a well-established name in medical education, healthcare, research, laboratory, pharmacy and several other hospitality businesses like health clubs, coffee shoppe, optical and flower shops. It has over 110 touch points across seven Emirates with tie-ups to the tune of more than 70 institutions across the globe.

The Thumbay Medicity in Al Jurf, Ajman, is a medical epicentre built over a span of 25 years with a total investment of Dh1.5 billion.
The Thumbay Medicity in Al Jurf, Ajman, is a medical epicentre built over a span of 25 years with a total investment of Dh1.5 billion.

The Thumbay Group has treated and screened more than 10 million patients, and has conducted over 70,000 deliveries, with patients from 175 nationalities. Over 3,500 students have graduated from the university, accounting for 60 per cent of the total healthcare workforce and 20 per cent of doctors graduating each year from the UAE. In a span of 25 years, the Group has employed over 3,000 individuals, consisting of 400 doctors and paramedics from 35 countries. The total investment made in this period amounts to Dh1.5 billion.

Commenting on this occasion, Dr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder President, Thumbay Group, said: “This is a momentous year for us as the last 25 years have been very special. The new corporate governance structure in place signifies our strength for the next five year plan ‘Vision 2028’. We are focused on being consumer-centric and scaling our ability to run businesses that add value to people and society on the whole. Based on our well-defined growth plan, we are very keen to double the intake of students in medical education with comprehensive new programmes that balance theoretical knowledge with practical training. Also, a two-fold increase in the healthcare business is envisaged with the mandatory insurance scheme soon to be implemented in the Northern Emirates. This will enable us to triple the value of the overall group by 2028 with initiatives and operational efficiency at the core. We are re-energised to create many more fabulous years of responsible and progressive operations.”

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of the business and Thumbay Group has coped well with challenging times. It’s now geared up for growth and ready with exciting new services and programmes to benefit everyone travelling to the UAE.

“We thank the Almighty, the Government of UAE and the Rulers of this beautiful country and my dedicated team to make this journey so far and fruitful,” Dr. Moideen added.

The Thumbay group is aimed at propelling the company to new heights of success and growth. With a strong focus on innovation, diversification, market expansion, and customer-centric initiatives, the Group’s strategic roadmap is poised to shape the company’s trajectory in the coming years.

In order to stay ahead of evolving market trends and consumer demands, Thumbay Group is committed to diversifying its portfolio with its Ed-Tech venture Healthvarsity. Through meticulous market research and analysis, the Group has identified promising regions for expansion and plans to franchise the Thumbay Hospital brand to open new healthcare centers. By strategically leveraging its existing strengths and expertise, the Group aims to establish a strong foothold in unparalleled lifestyle markets and tap into untapped opportunities by franchising the Blends and Brews Coffee Shoppe and Body and Soul Health Club Chain.

With its commitment to making a positive impact in medical education, and expansion of its footprint, the Gulf Medical University is focused on tie-ups with foreign universities for collaboration, knowledge exchange and introduction of new residency programmes. It further plans to increase student intake and create more jobs in the region.

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