House of Revolution

The German innovation region is showcasing future solutions at the world fair in Dubai

Published: Thu 30 Sep 2021, 2:31 PM

When the Expo 2020 Dubai opens its doors tomorrow, the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg, for the first time in its history, will be represented with its pavilion at a world’s fair. The Baden-Württemberg House is a real insider tip in Dubai — state-of-the-art educational and research institutions, innovative start-ups and internationally renowned companies from Baden-Württemberg will present pioneering and sustainable solutions for the future. Visitors can expect a diverse and interactive exhibition, a colourful cultural programme, and tasty regional specialities.

What do the automobile, the matchstick and the chainsaw have in common? They have all been invented in Baden-Württemberg. The southern German state on the border with France and Switzerland has always been considered particularly inventive. Over 15,000 patents are filed here every year. It, therefore, comes as little surprise that the Baden-Württemberg House at Expo 2020 Dubai will focus on the federal state’s innovative solutions. Under the motto “Feel the Spirit of Innovation,” Baden-Württemberg wants to demonstrate its inventiveness. More than 40 projects and innovations from the fields of quantum technology, revolutionary medicine, augmented reality, tomorrow’s living spaces, visionary construction, Beyond Industry 4.0, 3D mobility, climate-neutral energy and artificial intelligence will be presented at interactive media stations.

Augmented reality, highly efficient e-motors and flying cabs

TeamViewer from Göppingen is among the many Baden-Württemberg companies that have contributed to the exhibition. Manchester United’s new jersey sponsor has developed an app for the Baden-Württemberg House that is based on augmented reality. Visitors can use the app to scan QR codes scattered throughout the pavilion. In the camera view of their mobile device, they will then be shown 3D elements that are linked to real objects or holograms. Interacting with these elements, they will learn more about specific exhibits by means of texts, images, or videos. The app is also used for the digital twin, a virtual replica of the real pavilion. People can use it at home to virtually “visit” the pavilion on their sofa. The Baden-Württemberg House can thus be experienced from anywhere in the world — even by those who do not travel to Dubai.

Of course, innovative concepts from the mobility sector must not be missing at the Baden-Württemberg pavilion; after all, both the bicycle and the car have been invented in Baden-Württemberg. The Stuttgart-based technology group MAHLE will be presenting its new magnet-free electric motor at the Baden-Württemberg House — a true revolution, as it combines the strengths of various electric-motor concepts in a single product. The electric motor does not require any rare earths, making it particularly sustainable and cost-effective. It operates without wear and is as efficient as a Formula E racing car. The motor can be used in a wide variety of automobiles — from passenger cars to commercial vehicles. The Bruchsal-based company Volocopter, by contrast, focuses entirely on the vertical: Its VoloCity air cab has been specially developed for the quiet and emission-free transport of passengers in large cities. Due to its 18-rotor propulsion system, the VoloCity is four times quieter than a small helicopter. A 1:3 scale model will be on display in the exhibition.

World leaders showcasing their innovations at the Baden-Württemberg House

Another key element of Baden-Württemberg’s exhibition is the expo theme of sustainability. Here, PreZero from Neckarsulm, an internationally active environmental services provider, will present solutions for a circular economy that help to effectively counter the global waste problem. Also in the spirit of sustainability are concepts developed by the maxmaier Group. In addition to a project for CO2-neutral neighbourhood development (urban harbour), the company will be showcasing innovative multi-use solutions and energy-efficient kitchen systems.

Future-oriented concepts from the fields of technology and construction are also on display at the Baden-Württemberg House. The world’s leading supplier of connectivity solutions, cables and wires, Lapp Group, will be presenting its solutions not only at the Baden-Württemberg House but also at expo’s Sustainability Pavilion, whose solar panels are powered by the company’s weather-resistant ÖLFLEX solar and data cables. MDT-tex in turn, with its unique expertise in the construction of large foldable structures, has contributed the tulip umbrellas in the entrance area of the Baden-Württemberg House, which will not only provide protection from the Dubai sun, but also an appealing ambience. In the field of fastening systems, Fischer will be showcasing its much sought-after cast-in elements for buildings, while in the vehicle sector, the Fischer Automotive division will present its high-quality kinematic products, featuring cup holders for luxury-class SUVs among other things. And in the software segment, SAP’s interactive showcase will demonstrate the role SAP innovations play in the sports sector — whether with regional partners such as TSG Hoffenheim or worldwide in tennis, sailing, horseback riding, e-sports, or ice hockey.

Against the background of the current pandemic situation, disinfection solutions have also been playing an increasingly important role. IST Metz, a company based in Nürtingen, specialises in UV light systems that can be used for disinfection in the food, pharmaceutical and wastewater industries, as well as in large rooms and exhibition halls, where they create an atmosphere comparable to the outside air. Two of the Virobuster systems designed for this purpose will be used in the Baden-Württemberg House, allowing visitors to visit the pavilion and the exhibition with a secure feeling and to literally “breathe” the innovative spirit of Baden-Württemberg.

Versatile cultural programme

In addition to an exciting and interactive exhibition, the Baden-Württemberg House also boasts an extensive cultural programme. From October 2021 to March 2022, numerous artists from Baden-Württemberg will perform a colourful and varied program on the stage of the Baden-Württemberg House. Especially in terms of music, there will be a lot on offer. A wide variety of genres will be presented — from traditional sounds in national costumes to classical music and jazz (including an exciting combination with alphorn music). What’s more, there will be a variety of dance performances for which the audience can even determine the choreography in some cases. The programme also features ball artists, jugglers, a fashion show and films from various genres that will be screened during the regular film festival.

Fine specialties from Baden-Württemberg Gourmets are also well looked after at the Baden-Württemberg House; after all, the state is also known for its tasty cuisine. In special cooking shows, visitors can see for themselves how Swabian classics such as spaetzle (noodles) and Maul Taschen (Swabian ravioli) are prepared. With a little luck, they will also get to taste them at the end. Baden-Württemberg specialities are also served in the restaurants of the pavilion, which are operated by the caterer Better Taste. The two restaurants not only offer refined dishes from Baden-Württemberg adapted to the warm climate, but also coffee and tea from the region. What’s more, guest chefs from the Master Chefs Association of Baden-Württemberg will be on site every 14 days to authentically represent the Baden and Württemberg top gastronomy.

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