Hotpack Global committed to UAE’s developmental goals

Hotpack Global has become an integral part of the UAE's industrial landscape

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Published: Fri 1 Dec 2023, 5:43 PM

As the UAE celebrates its 52nd National Day, a momentous occasion that marks the country's journey of transformation and growth, the leaders of the UAE continue to steer the nation towards ambitious development goals. The commitment to these goals reflects a vision for a prosperous future and a society that thrives on innovation and sustainability.

To commemorate the occasion of the country’s 52nd National Day, Hotpack has launched its special UAE National Day Collection which features innovative eco-friendly packaging and intricately designed items that capture the essence of the celebrations.

Hotpack Global has become an integral part of the UAE's industrial landscape, making significant contributions to the country's development. The AED 250 million plant at the National Industries Park (NIP) stands as a prime example of this commitment. This facility is dedicated to manufacturing sustainable PET packaging products with zero per cent waste generation. It aligns seamlessly with the UAE's vision for a greener future and sets an example for innovation and efficiency in food packaging solutions tailored for the local market.

Abdul Jebbar PB, Group Managing Director of Hotpack Global, emphasizes the significance of aligning business objectives with the development goals of the UAE. "For businesses, supporting the development goals of the UAE is not just a responsibility; it's an investment in the future. It ensures a thriving economy, a skilled workforce, and a sustainable environment for generations to come. At Hotpack, we believe that contributing to the UAE's development goals is not just good for business; it's a commitment to the well-being of the people and the nation," he said.

Hotpack Global started its operations in 1995 in the UAE and has since grown into a global leader in food packaging manufacturing and distribution in merely three decades. The company's success is rooted in its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

"At Hotpack, we are aligning our business objectives with the strategic vision of the UAE's leadership. We aim to foster innovation, sustainability, and economic growth in the country. Hotpack's success is intricately tied to the success of the UAE, and we take pride in actively contributing to the nation's journey of transformation and progress," said Jebbar.

Hotpack introduced 100 per cent post-consumer recycled (PCR) shopping bags, contributing to circular practices and reducing plastic waste within the local retail industry. This initiative emphasizes Hotpack's broader commitment to positive change in the UAE retail sector.

Hotpack's extensive portfolio of over 4,000 sustainable products, ranging from PET packaging to paper products, reflects the company's commitment to addressing environmental concerns specific to the UAE.

"In championing initiatives like these, we seek to showcase our unflinching dedication to the visionary goals set forth by the leadership of this country. These efforts underscore our pivotal role as a key player in the country's industrial sector, marking our commitment to the prosperity and sustainable development of the UAE," Jebbar concluded.

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