Hosting residents from all over the world

Multinational residents of the student living community at DIAC Courtyard, The Myriad Dubai
Multinational residents of the student living community at DIAC Courtyard, The Myriad Dubai

The Myriad Dubai offers state-of-the-art facilities in an encouraging environment

The Myriad Dubai, an urban-styled student living community in the heart of Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), opened its doors in September 2020. In just a couple of months, with its inspiring choice of lifestyle facilities and services, it soon became a global hub for students of over 45 nationalities, including UAE citizens from 30 different esteemed universities and institutes within Dubai and Sharjah.

Klara Veres, Group Head of Marketing and Business Development at SHG

Klara Veres, Group Head of Marketing and Business Development at Strategic Housing Group (SHG), commented: "We are thrilled to see the diversity of nationalities settling in and bringing our student community to life. The pool of talent arriving to study in Dubai and live with us from all over the world is inspiring to see, especially when we think of the opportunities it brings both for their future and the continuous blooming of this global city. We, at The Myriad Dubai, aim to bring to the table all new initiatives, such as our annual art competition, allowing students to interact with us, foster and grow their talent and let loose from the rigours of university life, while they make their choices count."

Appropriate and dedicated student housing is amongst the most important services that higher education students require, particularly when they travel a fair distance to their place of study.  Statistics show that purpose-built student housing not only helps its residents improve grades but also reduces dropout rates and enhances the living experience. 

State-of-the-art establishments and fitness facilities - Rooftop pool

With the current global pandemic crisis, health and safety have become a top priority. The Myriad Dubai has taken every precaution to ensure the health and safety of its residents from simple processes including quarantining when arriving from other countries, to installing integrated viral protection (IVP) air units in public areas within the property. These are the only known biodefense filter system machines with FDA-approved technology, scientifically proven to destroy Covid-19 (99.99 per cent).

The Myriad understands that settling as a student in a new location can be challenging at first, therefore the brand is dedicated to offering the best opportunities for success. Accomplishing a degree is expensive, difficult, arduous and time-consuming, therefore graduating is a huge achievement. With its state-of-the-art establishments and fitness facilities, the likes of which cannot be found in any other student accommodation in the country, health becomes a part of the residents' lifestyle. Comfortable beds, stylish furniture, relaxing study rooms and lounges make everyday life feel like a home away from home. With extensive noise-cancelling and fire-resistant construction materials, along with a highly trained security team, the community offers privacy and safety. Additionally, restaurants, cafés, gaming rooms, an indoor and outdoor cinema, an amphitheatre, and convenient shopping options along with dedicated parking offer students a well thought through communal living experience. 

Saqib Salarzai, Student of Emirates Aviation University and a Kenyan resident at the Club Single Room of The Myriad Dubai

"Living at The Myriad Dubai has been quite enlightening since I have met people from different cultures and ideals. The complex offers all conveniences to create a sense of familiarity between its residents. The gym, the callisthenics park and the pool are just a few to mention, but the arcade with all the cutting-edge tech is the coolest. These not only make us feel better physically and mentally, but they personally help me to strengthen my own ideals," says Saqib Salarzai, a Kenyan resident of The Myriad Dubai, studying at Emirates Aviation University.

Convenience and entertainment facilities - 'The Myriacade' gaming room and indoor cinema

With a palette of globally recognised international university campuses, colleges and institutes, Dubai offers an abundance of best-in-class higher education opportunities. Studying in this future-forward city pioneering innovation, and living at The Myriad Dubai brings a holistic experience for all the young generation arriving to crush every limit, own their future, and inspire their destiny.

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