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Asma AlKhatheeri, CEO, Sundus Recruitment Services LLC
Asma AlKhatheeri, CEO, Sundus Recruitment Services LLC

Asma AlKhatheeri, CEO, Sundus Recruitment Services LLC traces the journey of the company as one of the premier entities in the region

Published: Thu 8 Dec 2022, 10:08 AM

Sundus Recruitment Services LLC is a leading recruitment and outsourcing company in UAE with a market presence since 1998. It is a 100 per cent Emirati owned and managed company and is supported by a highly diversified international team with extensive experience in human resource management. Sundus Recruitment Services LLC is a fully compliant business holding ‘On Demand Labour Supply (ODLS)’ licences in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which gives it a pan-UAE outreach. The company also holds a licence to provide executive search and manpower supply services. The company is fully compliant of international standards with ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS certifications, ranking it among the leading scorers in ADNOC In-Country-Value Certification (ICV).

The company is led by their CEO, Asma AlKhatheeri, an Emirati citizen and a graduate from the University of Maryland, USA with the honour of having received the Presidential scholarship sponsorship for distinguished students. Asma has been part of developing leading healthcare centre projects across Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Speaking about her role at Sundus Recruitment Services LLC, she said: “I joined in 2014 and managed roles in various departments, before assuming the role as the CEO.”

Core strengths

“The success of any organisation depends on its people and therefore, our core area of business is bringing in the best-in-class talent within the UAE and also around the world to our valued clients,” said Asma. Speaking about the services provided by the company, she said Sundus excels in Executive Search, Outsourcing Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Human Resource Consulting, Payroll Management services, PRO services, and overseas recruitment campaigns.

Role of technology

“The world is moving towards tech-based HR services. Sundus has been following the new tech trends and implementing new systems and technology to remain updated on digitalisation. During the pandemic, our platform ensured that the services were not impacted. We are making considerable investment on state-of-the-art platforms to ensure our clients and associates have seamless experience in availing our services,” said Asma.

As an Emirati Company, Sundus Recruitment Services LLC has been an effective partner with the Emiratisation initiatives of the UAE Government since its inception. That has been the chairman’s vision and goal throughout the company’s journey. “Sundus has been part of all the MOHRE initiatives of Emiratisation and helped hundreds of Emiratis by finding the right opportunity for them to contribute to the country’s economic growth,” said Asma, adding that the company will continue to support any initiative towards nationalisation in all the markets that it operates in, including Saudi Arabia. “Sundus has also been participating in major events, apart from its core services in past years, including the Special Olympics, infrastructure related projects hiring, IT/telecom projects, healthcare related projects, especially during the pandemic, aerospace, defence and BFSI. Hence, we are supporting some of the major industry leaders in all the sectors that we operate in,” she added.

Sundus — leader and expert in 12 vertical sectors — has spread its wings in both the private and public sector, and is a sought-after firm across the region. Looking to the road ahead, Asma said: “Sundus’ vision is to be a key contributor in the Recruitment and HR industry locally and regionally and to be part of the dynamic economy of the UAE by aligning our vision and ambitions with our leadership visions for the country and the people. We are looking at the regional expansion of Sundus and to also offer services through our valued partnership network.”

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