Healthcare at your doorstep

With an array of health and wellness products and presence across multiple locations, wellness is next to you, wherever you are!

By Muhammad Ali Bandial

Published: Tue 19 Oct 2021, 4:27 PM

Access to health and wellness should be the right of every human being. That is the guiding philosophy of Aster Pharmacy that has led the company to grow its network to more than 200 pharmacies in the region.

Established in 1989, Aster Pharmacy is part of Aster DM Healthcare. With a well spread and extensive retail footprint in the UAE, Aster Pharmacy is the friendly neighbourhood pharmacy, providing prescription requirements to customers as well as an extensive range of popular global brands in health and wellness including Country Life, Nature’s Answer, Evoluderm, Rossmax, Thuasne to name a few.


Staying true to its vision of being a friendly neighbourhood pharmacy, Aster Pharmacy was also amongst the first to start home delivery of medicines over a decade ago. As the residential footprint of the nation grew, so did Aster Pharmacy’s reach to every household. Currently, Aster Pharmacy offers free home delivery to all parts of the UAE with no minimum order value and with reliable and fast delivery. Their message is that they are always only a phone call away and it is easy to reach them at 800-700-600 via a WhatsApp message or call.

Aster Pharmacy has increased its visibility via its availability on leading aggregator platforms and apps like Now Now, Talabat, Carrefour and, Instashop. You can order from a range of products and categories for your daily health and wellness needs. Aster Pharmacy has over 100 brands and 15,000 different variety under vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, beauty and personal care, medical equipment, rehab and orthopedic supports, and sports nutrition.

What makes the proposition of free home delivery unique is its ‘Pharmacist on Call’ feature. Every time you call 800-700-600, you will be connected to a pharmacist who can advise you on your prescription or supplement requirement and dispense the right medication to you.

The brand has also introduced a loyalty program to reward its customers — Aster Secure is the first Pharmacy Loyalty programme in the UAE. If you are a registered secure member, you can earn and redeem reward points on home delivery and on insurance orders as well.

In the last five years, the organisation has made constant improvements in various departments which has resulted in the brand winning the prestigious DQA & DSES Award in 2020. Furthermore, Aster Pharmacy is also a two-time winner of the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA).

The brand is driven by a burning ambition to innovate and excel in the realm of service delivery. In order to continuously break new grounds of excellence, Aster Pharmacy has launched several successful initiatives that have been aimed at benefiting its millions of consumers. With its dedicated call center that provides customers access to more than 700 multilingual pharmacists, customers can also avail counseling and medical assistance.


The vision of Aster Retail is to be a prominent global brand in the long term and this is possible with the momentum created.

Aster Pharmacy makes sure that its consumers have access to a wide and expansive range of curative, nutritive, baby products, lifestyle, wellness products, FMCG products, cosmetics, personal and homecare products. It is due to its wide range of offerings that Aster Pharmacy has become the destination of choice for households in the UAE. Additionally, the company continues to lead the way amongst its competitors in the UAE due to its solid availability and customer first orientation.

The company has remained steadfast in its commitment to bring reliable and quality products closer to its consumers by establishing an Aster Pharmacy in every neighbourhood. Additionally, the company strives to provide its consumers with the services of a knowledgeable Aster pharmacist available for every household. With its exponential growth that has gone beyond boundaries, it is no wonder then that the brand is respected and trusted by both residents and expatriates due to their innovative ideas and efficient free home delivery service which can be contacted on their designated numbers to deliver prescriptions, medicines and wellness products to the customer’s doorstep. In the aftermath of the global pandemic, such a dedicated service has allayed the fears of millions of households and has assisted many in their hour of need.

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