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By Amin Namazi

Published: Sun 18 Apr 2021, 1:21 PM

Last updated: Mon 19 Apr 2021, 1:42 PM

Eighth Corporation

An Iranian multitasker and a solution-maker for various macro and micromanagement of activities in semi-governmental and private sector projects and the owner of Eighth Corporation - an investment firm that has operations in management, an institution of education services, real estate, commercial services, agriculture, tourism, power, private funds, healthcare, infrastructure, entertainment, construction, marketing, petroleum services, aviation, data centre, and asset management.

Amin Namazi is the CEO and trust shareholder in all the listed companies and manages all his companies' projects for a task, which involves doing research, creating financial proposals, doing digital presentations, writing legal agreements in three languages, and signing them as well supervising it for proper implementation.

How do you manage to multi-task and work on so many things at the same time?

The amount of work that I do is easily something that has to be done by a team of 30 people. However, I am grateful that I can multitask and that over the years, I have learnt how to prioritise  and manage tasks effectively.

What would you say are Eighth Corporation's main values and beliefs?'s core goal is to provide solutions and successfully assist our clients, while fully considering their social and financial situations, as well as their religious beliefs.

What are some of the projects you are currently working on?

Some of the projects that we are currently working on and are still in development mode are as follows:

TRADE8: Once fully developed, the TRADE8 business module facilitates real-time trade between manufacturers, merchants, and consumers by removing middlemen from the equation. It also removes regional and national banking borders between manufacturers and merchants as well as consumers, which enables it to connect virtually through digital inventory sharing.

TRADE8 made verified e-audited trade documents organised and available, such as credit history, financial statements, purchase orders, all trade contracts, complete audit trail of all transaction, real-time tax clearing and enrolment. Furthermore, because of blockchain, Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Marketplace is possible.

FLY8: Charter aviation service for intercity transport using grounded aeroplanes around the world.

GN8: Renewable and infinite power circuit as per demand for any DC/AC use based on kinetic energy generation.

TRANS8: All-in-one solution as micro transport management, using one DBMS for all online vehicles as service providers.

GENETIC ID: This is one of our mass management projects in the healthcare sector. It is a revolutionary method of prescription and medication using AI and genetic testing.

VID: One of the IT projects that we work on has to do with regulating the internet by using recognised users and devices (without breaching their privacy) and creating a safe network.

VIRTUAL CITY: This project is about global real estate management which includes renting, selling, buying, mortgaging, or designing and constructing, via managing the agencies involved, which enhances the city and the equalisation of the market value.

FUTURE CIVILISATION: We aim to settle global refugees, homeless and uneducated communities under a city escape project which uses social service payments instead of monetary payments for every single service which these individuals provide. We export our services as agricultural and manufacturing production globally under UN monitoring.

HURMUZ FREE ZONE: One of our projects in petroleum services is energy management of OPEC, which will hopefully solve the geopolitical problem connected to sailing and using international waters.

SMART LIGHTS: For this project we work on junction traffic management and have created a real-time management traffic lights system which considers momentous traffic conditions around the given junction, using visual sensors and processing systems to reduce the unnecessary waiting in queues.

SPEEDX: This project uses GN8 renewable energy in transport systems. SpeedX uses standard vehicles in high-speed cabins and allows them to increase the speed up to 400 km/h on a safe track.

BIG TASTY TRUCK: Big Tasty Truck is a portable kitchen that delivers fresh and healthy food to areas that do not have the required infrastructure for restaurants.

SNAKEXY: Fashion and modelling stage for all public around the world, which showcase their style to others and brand themselves as service providers.

In addition to all of this, we are also working on a few more projects in the energy and hospitality sectors.

What does 2021/2022 hold for you and Eighth Corporation?

At this stage, a lot of the projects that we are working on, have not been made public, as they are still at the development stage or subject to governmental negotiations. However, I am very excited about everything that we are working on.

2022 will be the year of Implementation for Eighth Corporation. I am determined to achieve many positive results that will benefit a lot of people around the world and take risks that will hopefully result in success. I try very hard to work on several different things to make positive changes and help struggling communities.

What makes you successful?

When embarking on a new project, I always do thorough research of the field. Even if I find out that a specific move could have a positive outcome in 99 per cent of the cases and a negative outcome in one per cent of the cases, I concentrate fully on that one per cent which allows me to prepare myself for any crises well in advance.

I believe that success can be found where failure does not exist; so, I know that I must be on the right track as long I am doing my best when performing a specific task.

I think that success is very similar to climbing a mountain. When planning your route and your goals, you should be very careful when considering every step of the way, using probability science, and trying to foresee everything that might go wrong and then come up with potential solutions. By doing this, you will reduce your risk of failure to 0.1 per cent, This is how I go about every single new project that I embark on - I guarantee 99.9 per cent success before implementation and I think this is what makes me successful.

List of subsidiary companies:

Eighth Corporation Investments LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Eighth Bldg Cont Co. LLC - Sharjah, UAE

Eighth General Trading LLP - Almaty, Kazakhstan

Eighth Petroleum Investment LLC - Dubai, UAE

Eighth General Trading and Investments - Madha, Oman

Eighth Asset Management LTD - Florida, USA

Eighth Marketing Management LLC - Dubai, UAE

Eighth Data Centre LLC - Sharjah, UAE

Eighth International Airline LLC - Ajman, UAE

Eighth Fashion Ltd. - Tbilisi, Georgia

Eighth Investment Bank LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE



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