Got Georgia on your mind?

Eclectic architecture, sprawling nature, heart-thumping activities and more await you

By Nisthula Nagarajan

Published: Wed 16 Jun 2021, 10:28 PM

Last updated: Thu 17 Jun 2021, 12:31 AM

Offering a wide range of adventures, Georgia has become the dream destination for visitors throughout the world. 

The small country is located between Europe and Asia and brings a perfect marriage of both cultures. Georgia offers diversity not only in culture but in untouched nature. With Caucasus mountains and tropical beaches, Georgia has almost every climate type and feels like a paradise for adventure-seekers. 

Being rich with snowy mountains, dreamy, powder snow resorts, tropical beaches, captivating landscapes, and waterfalls, Georgia offers almost every type of activity - one can go hiking, paragliding, rafting, climbing, horseriding, birdwatching, sky gazing, or just strolling through the magnificent forests while reconnecting with the untouched nature of Georgia.

The main treasure of the country is that it has both sides of the coin to satiate your wanderlust. In addition to outdoor activities, Georgia offers great museums, cafés and nightlife and holds unique traditional and modern festivals. You can explore the cultural monuments being kept through the centuries and listed in Unesco's Intangible Heritage Sites.

The capital, Tbilisi, has emerged as one of the coolest cities in Europe, with burgeoning nightlife and world-class restaurants. Even the streets feel like museums here, representing diverse, unique architecture. Witness the perfect combination of the old and the new in this city, and feel the warmest emotions while connecting with the locals. 

Georgian hospitality can be felt at your hotel, in the countryside villages, and on the busy streets of its bustling cities. The Georgian saying 'A guest is a gift from God' describes the locals' warm and welcoming attitude towards every single guest. 

If safety is on your mind, worry not - Georgia has been listed among one of the safest destinations in the world, according to the global database Numbeo. The country stands out in terms of safety even during the pandemic. It is one of the first countries to open for tourists in 2021. 

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