Get in shape with My30Minutes

The studio is your go-to place to shed the extra calories in as low as 30 minutes!

By Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Wed 23 Jun 2021, 9:48 AM

Last updated: Wed 23 Jun 2021, 11:49 AM

In today's age and time, we hardly manage to take some time out for personal upkeep. Spending hours in any physical activity seems impossible, which leads to an unfit lifestyle.

My30Minutes, as the name suggests, is a fitness studio that just takes 30 minutes of your time that you spend on the most important thing - your body!

The owner of this game-changer fitness studio, Mehdi Ayari has a '30Minutes' solution for your journey to a healthier self. It does sound too good to be true, but it is not merely a claim. The owner himself has walked the talk and has had firsthand experience when he discovered the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) workout mechanism in Germany where he was able to lose 60 kg in 10 months.

EMS is a 200 year-old technology, with origins believed to be from Russia. It reorients 95 per cent of muscle fibres simultaneously in a 20-minute workout.

"While our body has 540 muscles; training them is not an easy task. However, electronic muscle stimulation procedure touches even the small parts of body muscles, reaching 95 per cent of muscle fibre. It helps stimulate all the muscles in 20 minutes, burning almost 2,000 calories up to 24 hours post workout," Ayari explained.

EMS is a phenomenal workout that does wonders to your body through muscular stimulation without any side effects. The electrodes are fitted on to the torso, lower and upper limbs and the electrical impulses gently target muscle groups in a rhythmic manner.

Ayari explains that his EMS workout is different from other traditional gyms in the manner that here, one can lose weight and build muscles to retain a perfect physique at the same time. All this can be achieved in only 30 minutes,  once a week.

My30Minutes has its branches in Qatar, Jordan and New York and opened its first studio in the UAE in 2013. Ayari knew that anything that succeeds in the UAE will get universal acknowledgment and so was the case with My30Minutes workout sessions - they became an instant success. Today there are 80 EMS studios of different brands in the UAE, and it is expanding.

Ayari says he found it to be a win-win business, as people of high profile and celebrities, especially, related themselves rapidly to this workout technology. "We have trained the who's who, celebrities, actors and CEOs. We train even the top athletes in the region," he prides.

"It needs a lot of awareness. So once a person comes in for a trial session with us, we are able to convert more than 90 per cent of them to sign up with us. The EMS workout motivates people to give it a try and with our exceptional training, there is no going back," he added.

The trial session takes a health/medical assessment, body composition test, as well as providing nutritional guidelines. The EMS sessions are specifically ordained as per needs of an individual.

"We practice best international standards, and also pay for licensing of our EMS trainers. We have the best trainers in the region without a doubt," Ayari added.

My30Minutes muscular stimulation workout is widely acknowledged, and is in great demand. It bagged the Business MENA Award for the 'Best EMS Studio' in 2021. Likewise, it is also a recipient of several UAE business awards as it makes its presence felt with a thumbs up mark in four of the seven emirates.

Take those 30 minutes off your schedule and give My30Minutes a try - your body will definitely thank you!

More so, if you signup before July 15, you get a free trial session; so hurry up and avail the offer.

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