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General surgery: Cutting-edge expertise

Prof. Petachia Reissman
Prof. Petachia Reissman

Shaare Zedek's general surgery department is a leading facility in Israel and worldwide, performing around 6,000 procedures a year

Published: Thu 28 Jan 2021, 4:27 PM

Directed by award-winning surgeon Professor Petachia Reissman, also the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Hebrew University, the General Surgery Department is globally recognised for its various surgical procedures in many fields and specifically advanced, minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery.

The department's all-star team works in cooperation with other departments in the hospital, including the Oncology Institute, diagnostic radiology unit, gastro institute, infectious diseases department and pain service.The department also includes several centers of excellence providing services such as hepato-biliary surgery, colorectal surgery, bariatric surgery, breast center and surgical oncology.

Shaare Zedek's operating rooms are among the newest in Israel and the most advanced worldwide, integrating state-of-the-art technologies, such as intraoperative 3D imaging and intraoperative ultrasound laparoscopy, providing the surgeon with precise information in real time. Digital documentation and communication systems allow for post-operative analysis of surgical procedures, remote consultation in real-time, guidance for residents and medical students, and live broadcast of operations for conferences in Israel and abroad.

With decades of experience in surgical medicine, Prof. Reissman's primary expertise is complex laparoscopic procedures, including pancreatic surgery, treatment of esophagus disorders (reflux and achalasia); colon resection and rectum reconstruction; treatment of inflammatory intestinal diseases; stomach, adrenal glands, kidney, spleen, and retroperitoneal tumor resections.

Shaare Zedek's general surgery department was the only Israeli department invited to join a prestigious forum of American surgical departments from leading East Coast hospitals. Prof. Reissman participates in monthly video conferences, where department directors share their innovative procedures and therapeutic approaches, followed by interactive discussion among the participants. Forum members include doctors from top medical centers including the Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, the Lahey Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Mt. Sinai in NY, and Cornell in NY.

The department is an extremely popular destination for medical tourism from around the world - including the Gulf states. "There is a well-known family in Abu Dhabi with a genetic predisposition for gastrointestinal malignancies, and I've operated on several family members," says Prof. Reissman.

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