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A business education opens up portals of opportunities for a fulfilling career


Nisthula Nagarajan

Published: Wed 25 Aug 2021, 12:00 AM

As the new academic year beckons, international and local students prepare to make their way back to university to start learning anew or continue pursuing their degrees. Young minds in the UAE are brimming with brilliant ideas, but it takes a quality institution with highly qualified faculty to truly tap into their potential.

With the UAE’s aim to become one of the top nations in the world, what will aid this vision is the development of a world-class education supported by a global teaching curriculum that encourages the youth to think outside the box and instil a business sense to ensure excellence their field.

Business education in the UAE remains a popular subject that has long attracted students with its variety of opportunities and overall contribution to society. The UAE is a regional business hub. Strong leadership is fundamental to its vision. According to recent statistics by Coursera, the country ranks number one in the MENA region and number two globally in overall business skills, according to it’d latest global skills report.

As the world keeps changing, we need to support leaders at every level of our organizations with the types of targeted, reliable skills. Parents, in the UAE and across the globe, are increasingly willing to fund their children’s education in the UAE to get the best start in their lives and prepare them for the highly competitive global job market. Dr Stuart McIntyre, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Strathclyde, maintains that the focus must be on the recovery of the current economy to prepare for the future. He says that the UAE should be investing in the education of its greatest asset, its people, and spurring their innate ability to innovate and drive change.

Students in the Emirates tend to fall under two specialisations — business and engineering in Abu Dhabi, and business and education in Dubai — that make up 75 per cent of graduates in public universities. Similarly, private universities also attract students to the business sector, with a variety of intensive courses, constantly revised to keep up with the country’s dynamic landscape.

Evening classes and distance education have gained notable popularity among professionals, who have to juggle their daily schedules that revolve around work, social and family responsibilities. Furthermore, vocational institutions help career-oriented residents hone leadership and management skills that complement their work lives.

While there is no set path to becoming a good business leader, there are many routes that students can use as a stepping stone for a fulfilling career. The UAE is home to renowned international universities that offer state-of-the-art education with immersive programmes to help students adopt sustainable business strategies. The courses offered here are identical to their countries of origin, giving students convenient access to top-quality education without having to leave the country. These institutions further assist in brandishing students’ leadership skills and confidence through full-time and part-time electives and promote a sense of creativity that is much-needed in a transformational society. Another aspect is appointing peer-to-peer tutoring or specific mentors to help students who have difficulty with certain subjects.

Universities also make sure to provide competitions, exhibitions and fairs to showcase the incredible talent they house. The University of Birmingham Dubai has launched a prestigious new award for

budding entrepreneurs. The award will be open to all its business students in Dubai, offering the opportunity of mentorship by a successful alumnus in the world of business along with an award of Dh50,000 start-up capital for future investments. The award’s inaugural year will focus on the theme ‘Creating a Sustainable Future’ with subcategories in sustainability, strategic opportunity and international mobility.

The country is welcoming to students from a cornucopia of countries too. International students flock to university halls for the all-round education and meticulously designed programmes. To make the UAE a viable study destination, the government seeks to attract students by offering generous visa policies. Students that have succeeded tremendously are now eligible for the coveted Golden Visa, a 10-year residency visa, while other students can get a five-year visa, with an extension as a stepping stone to a successful career after graduating. Universities and government institutions also offer an increasing variety of scholarships for international students.

Several universities offer the chance for students to transfer or travel abroad while studying or even work part-time.

Britts Imperial College is accredited by various prestigious UK exam bodies and welcomes students from

more than 31 countries. Parent university campus transfers to the UK, Europe and USA with post-study stay back and work opportunities, the ability to work while studying in UAE, hybrid teaching methodologies coupled with scholarships and a flexible payment structure, are the distinguishing factors at Britts Imperial College.

The British standard and system of education is highly regarded across the world and was one of the first international education systems to enter the UAE. At Middlesex University Dubai, choose from over 70 specialist programmes, most of which are accredited by top industry organisations and taught by expert faculty with a wealth of experience in their field. Some of its most globally-regarded programmes can be found in the business schools, which have been major providers of business, finance, management and professionally accredited degrees for over a decade.

Even within business management, there are so many fields to explore. Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) is one of the first higher education institutions in the Middle East offering internationally recognised degree-level courses in hospitality leadership. Here, students embark on a rewarding educational experience where they can grow, learn, and thrive in an environment surrounded by incredible infrastructure, the latest facilities and strong partnerships. EAHM is considered to be the best hospitality school in the region and one of the top 10 hospitality schools worldwide, setting it apart from the competition.

If you’re thinking of changing careers or upskilling yourself, the perfect addition to your resume is vocational training in the form of soft skills like leadership, presentation skills etc. or qualifications like the English proficiency test IELTS or the ACCA. The UK College of Business & Computing (UKCBC) is the first technical and vocational education and training institute outside of the UK in the UAE. There is an Integrated Internships Programme as part of the qualifications that ensure students work with real companies and on real projects, which in turn provides them with skills needed by employers globally.

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