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Pakistanis pay their heartfelt tribute to the greatest assets who have shaped the modern nation

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By Kushmita Bose

Published: Sun 14 Aug 2022, 12:00 AM

The creation of a great nation requires an exorbitant amount of sacrifices and dedication. The creation of Pakistan was a catalyst to the largest demographic movement in recorded history. Also known as the ‘Land of the Pure’, Pakistan is truly a land of magic and mystique. A country that offers tremendous amounts of investment opportunities, Pakistan offers great opportunities, with people being one of its greatest assets. These people have contributed heavily to the making of the nation, even when the country had no resources. This August 14, Team KTrade Securities pay tribute to these founding business leaders and investors, who never lost hope and believed in the making of Pakistan.

A team member from KTrade Securities paid tribute to Sir Agha Khan who was one of the founding members of the Pakistan Muslim League. He thanked him for his leadership for Pakistan and the investments made by the Agha Khan Foundation and his community. Another employee paid tribute to Ahmad Dawood who migrated to Pakistan from Bombay to set up the Dawood Co-operation. The Dawood Corporation was the first entity set up in Karachi and Manchester, UK, to start business activities in 1948. It initially started from a small office and a shop in Karachi but grew immensely over decades. The third employee paid tribute to Syed Maratib Ali’s family. He emphasised how Marabtib Ali’s sons — Wazir Ali, Amjad Ali and Babar Ali established various industries and leading investors in Pakistan.

Another KTrade employee paid tribute to Sir Adamjee Dawood. At that critical moment of history, Sir Dawood wrote a blank cheque secured against all his assets. He gave away all his assets which included a business conglomerate besides other personal wealth. ‘Your Problem is solved’ — the four worded sentence by Sir Dawood in reply to Quaid-e-Azam’s appeal to fund the newly born nation can be regarded as one of the greatest service any one did for Pakistan and founder of Pakistan.

The next employee paid tribute to the Saigol family, primarily Syed Saigol, Bashir Saigol, Yusuf Saigol and Haji Gul Saigol. Another delighted employee paid tribute to Chaudhry Muhd. Latif, who moved from Batala to establish Batala Engineering Company (BECO) in Pakistan, laying the foundation of industrialisation in the country.

The next team member paid tribute to Valibhai Valika of the Valika Group, who shifted from Mumbai to Karachi on the suggestion of ‘Quaid-e-Azam’, also known as Muhammad Ali Jinnah and laid the foundation of the cement and textile industry in Pakistan.

A team member also paid tribute to Muhammad Ali Habib, the Founder of the House of Habib. The Habib family holds many distinctions in Pakistan’s history. Habib Bank was shifted to Pakistan on the personal bidding of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. He came to the aid of the nascent state even before the Government of Pakistan was ready to issue appropriate government paper with a Rs 80 million loan when the RBI failed to deliver Pakistan share of Rs 900 million held by it. It is said that Mohammad Ali Habib gave a blank cheque on Lloyd Bank to the Quaid-e-Azam who wrote Rs 80 million in it.

Lastly another one paid tribute to his grandfather Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari who migrated from Ferozepur to Karachi in October 1947. Bukhari started his career in Cotton Exchange and in 1952, laid the foundation of KASB, making it a 70-year old company today. He salutes his entrepreneurial spirit and his faith in Pakistan.

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