From Concept To Completion

Murli S., Managing Director of Al Futtaim Engineering & Technologies highlights how the company has delivered MEP excellence in Etihad Rail’s landmark venture

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Anam Khan

Published: Wed 17 May 2023, 10:47 AM

Last updated: Wed 17 May 2023, 12:24 PM

In the ambitious undertaking of the Etihad Rail project, Al Futtaim Engineering & Technologies has played a pivotal role in executing the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) works for the depots and constructing the central operation and maintenance (O&M) facility at Al Faya, Abu Dhabi. With a commitment to excellence, the company has contributed significantly to the success of this monumental project. Murli S., Managing Director of Al Futtaim Engineering & Technologies, highlights insights into the company’s role and accomplishments.

When asked about the role of Al Futtaim Engineering & Technologies in the project, Murali highlighted the key responsibilities, stating: “We executed the MEP works for the Depots, which included the construction of the central O&M facility at Al Faya, Abu Dhabi. This facility stands as the largest and most important on the network, responsible for warehousing, installations, operations, and the maintenance of locomotives and wagons. It also includes an administrative building to control the network’s operations.”

Collaborating as subcontractors to 2F1JV, a joint venture between Vinci Construction France and Archirodon Construction, Al Futtaim Engineering & Technologies seamlessly coordinated HVAC, electrical, plumbing, drainage, fire fighting, fire alarm, and central battery works with other package contractors and Etihad Rail’s contractors. Despite the rigorous demands of a long-life rail project, their commitment to engineering, material selection, quality assurance, and efficient installation, testing, and commissioning ensured successful project completion

Reflecting on the challenges encountered during the project, Murli S. acknowledged the rigorous demands of a rail project, including engineering, material selection, quality assurance, and installation testing and commissioning. However, he proudly stated, “Despite the challenges, Al Futtaim Engineering & Technologies successfully worked on this monumental project, ensuring its successful completion.”

Discussing the ethos and philosophy of the company, Murli S. emphasised the paramount importance of customer success. He said, “At Al-Futtaim Engineering & Technologies, we firmly believe that the success of the end customer is of utmost significance. All contractors should strive to deliver assets on time and with the expected quality. For the Etihad Rail project, we achieved this goal.”

Elaborating on the significance of the Etihad Rail project for the country’s development journey, Murli S. highlighted its economic impact. “Infrastructure spending by the government plays a vital role in growing the economy,” he stated. “The completion of the Etihad Rail project will create a valuable rail network that will facilitate seamless movement of goods and services from the UAE’s borders to the Arabian Gulf, providing a substantial boost to the economy.”

Technology played a crucial role in ensuring compliance and project safety throughout the Etihad Rail project. Murli S. discussed the utilisation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for asset handover and future facilities management. He proudly stated, “We employed approximately 1.6 million man-hours. Our in-house developed app streamlined work issuance and productivity monitoring, providing clarity and alignment to the entire team.”

Sustainability was also a key focus for Al Futtaim Engineering & Technologies during the project. Murli S. highlighted the company’s commitment to effective waste reduction, segregation, and management. He stated: “Etihad Rail was an Estidama 2 Pearl project, and we worked diligently to ensure sustainability. Additionally, we encourage the use of battery-operated and chargeable power tools to minimise our environmental impact. “

In conclusion, Murli S. expressed his confidence in Al Futtaim Engineering & Technologies’ ability to take on future challenges in the transportation sector. He remarked, “With our expertise, capability, and qualified staff who have worked on prestigious projects, we are well-positioned to tackle upcoming transportation projects in the GCC and the Middle East. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.”

As Al Futtaim Engineering & Technologies continues to leave a lasting impact on major transport infrastructure projects, their dedication to delivering projects of exceptional quality and their ability to overcome challenges position them as a trusted partner in the industry.

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