Food Without Boundaries

Zia Tabarak
Zia Tabarak

Anam Khan

Published: Sun 14 Aug 2022, 12:00 AM

Hungry? You will be after you go through what Zia Tabarak, a famous Pakistani food blogger, has to say about Pakistani cuisine. With over a million YouTube subscribers and about 26K Instagram followers, Tabarak’s page guides you through Pakistan’s famous food streets while narrating gourmet tales and the local ‘tehzeeb’ (culture).

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Being a Pakistani native from Karachi, Tabarak has no shortage of dishes that are heavily impacted by their cultural background. Let’s explore the mouthwatering flavours of Pakistan with him as he is passionate about its vivacious customs and delectable cuisines. “I am showing the tantalising food, the rich culture, the vivid customs, and the gorgeous landscapes that Pakistan has to offer,” says Tabarak of his dream project, 'Street Food PK', which includes delicious food, breathtaking scenery, and human connections. He further added: “The diverse and vivid cultures of different regions of Pakistan are a sight worth seeing, and not just that but the friendly and sociable people are worth meeting too.”

Tabarak started his food blogging journey as a spectator in 2017, obtaining ideas from foreign bloggers who would promote their cultures and cuisines on social media. He was always driven to present Pakistani culture favourably to raise awareness. “I decided to showcase Pakistani cuisine and culture on my own. At first, I would record videos on my phone. Finally, they had a favourable response as a result of it.”

“Food has no boundaries,” said Tabarak, “I received a heartwarming response when I went to the UAE, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. People who weren’t just Pakistanis but also of other nationalities were recognising and greeted me with a lot of love and kindness. Food indeed unites people across borders and creates unbreakable bonds.”

With a lot of diversity and a thriving food scene, Tabarak speaks about the scrumptious seekh kebabs and varied food that is relished by people globally.

“There are different types of seekh kebabs such as gola kebab, dhaga kebab, fried kebab, bihari kebab, etc that resonate with Turkish, Irani, Afghani and Lebanese cuisines, giving the spicy twist of Pakistan.” Wishing his fellow Pakistan expats in the UAE and around the world, Tabarak extended his heartfelt wishes. “I want to congratulate all Pakistanis on this day. I would like to invite everyone reading this article to visit Pakistan and see its stunning scenery.”

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