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Anni Iso - Mustajarvi of BeeHealthy
Anni Iso - Mustajarvi of BeeHealthy

BeeHealthy - on a mission to make healthcare smarter

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Published: Thu 20 Jan 2022, 9:36 AM

Last updated: Thu 20 Jan 2022, 9:37 AM

There has never been a greater need for better healthcare. And it is not only caused by the pandemic. The rapid ageing of the population, poor accessibility, and new technologies are forcing us to rethink how we get healthcare and how it should be provided.

So, how do one make healthcare better?

By making it smarter. And by smart­er, BeeHealthy translates into be­ing more efficient, more impactful and more affordable. Easier, faster, and more accessible.

BeeHealthy, a wholly-owned subsid­iary of the Finnish-based international private healthcare provider Mehiliiinen, leans back on 110-year experience and know-how in healthcare - now available as a digital healthcare platform with white label branding. With the BeeHealthy app you can open up your own digital clinic with triage, make online bookings and digitise patient journeys. Best of all, you can offer your patients 24/7 access to per­sonalised, streamlined and comprehen­sive mobile health services remotely, cost efficiently and with outstanding customer experience. For patients it is integrating the whole care pathway into one patient friendly journey.

Making Healthcare Smarter - for you and your patients

The BeeHealty platform is already in use by over one million users in nine coun­tries and the continued development of its features is supported by 70 highly skilled software developers helping new clients to deploy their needs.

"At BeeHealthy, our goal is to bring together a network of leading international healthcare operators as users of our platform to offer innovative digital healthcare services on a global scale. The collaboration with Mediclinic and the availability of the platform in UAE during this year perfectly supports this goal," says Anni lso-Mustajiirvi, Director of BeeHealthy.

"The convertibility and agility of our offering have been tested against the re­quirements of different countries and healthcare markets, further strengthening our position globally. BeeHealthy is fast becoming the market leader in enabling digital health services," she concludes.

Integrating BeeHealthy to an existing systems is easy

The BeeHealthy platform is a one-stop­ provision. The platform comes with all the mod- ules for building a modern digital-physical healthcare service provision. Integra­tion with an existing system enables patients and practi­tioners to follow the whole care pathway on one platform while combining digital and physical appointments. It is truly a healthcare platform that both doctors and patients will love. Any integration and maintenance is easily done against Bee­Healthy solution's standard APis.

Mediclinic in Digital collaboration with BeeHealthy Mediclinic provides access to Bee­Healthy's digital healthcare platform and going forward broadens Mediclinic's ca­pacity to build innovative digital health­care services for the Group's patients and healthcare professionals.

All three of Mediclinic's divisions will utilise the BeeHealthy platform to sup­port the Group's strategy of becoming an integrated healthcare provider across the continuum of care, while transforming its services and client engagement through innovation and digitalisation. With the introduction of these services, the Group will broaden and enhance access to its healthcare services, enabling Mediclinic and its healthcare professionals to engage directly with patients, supporting and coordinating the entire patient journey across various care settings.

The ultimate aim for Mediclinic is to enable patients to experience seamless continuity of care and a superior client experience.

The BeeHealthy platform's compre­hensive functionality and the long-term medical and operational expertise be­hind its development can evolve any healthcare provider to meet current and future services needs. BeeHealthy is rapidly becoming a leading digital healthcare solutions provider in the EMEAregion. I

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