FAMCO: Steering Sustainability

Ramez Hamdan, Managing Director, Industrial Equipment, FAMCO, Hino, Toyota Material Handling, Al-Futtaim Automotive
Ramez Hamdan, Managing Director, Industrial Equipment, FAMCO, Hino, Toyota Material Handling, Al-Futtaim Automotive

Published: Mon 7 Nov 2022, 11:32 AM

Last updated: Fri 11 Nov 2022, 10:42 AM

Electric buses

Expected to be one of the featured sector highlights are the new Volvo electric buses, which have completed a successful six-month passenger trial in the UAE earlier this year. Performing with zero-emissions and zero-noise, the Volvo electric buses offer a whole new dimension of sustainable transport and smart city solutions. The models have been tested for fast-charging for the first time in Dubai, and tested for the impact of our local terrain which means the buses will truly define a new generation of Middle Eastern mobility.

FAMCO, the leading heavy vehicle and machinery importer, is highly respected throughout the UAE for the supply and service of heavy vehicles and machinery. This includes trucks and buses, construction equipment, storage and handling, power and industrial, marine solutions, rental and used equipment, and financial services. The company is the sole UAE distributor for Volvo trucks, buses and construction equipment and has been instrumental in bringing many e-mobility solutions to the UAE.

FAMCO and Volvo Trucks have been partners in the UAE since 1978 and have established a solid relationship that extends far beyond just the initial sales cycle. With the support of the Swedish truck brand, FAMCO has invested in state-of-the-art facilities and software that works with the customer to ensure world-class levels of service, uninterrupted parts availability and, most importantly, reduced downtime for vehicles in the field.


Volvo has been pioneering e-mobility solutions for many years, and we have accumulated considerable expertise throughout the entire Volvo Group. We work closely with leading cities in implementing sustainable and futureproof electric bus systems.

At Volvo, we want to help cities in their transformation towards zero cites, with zero emissions, zero noise, zero congestion and zero accidents. With our clean and silent electric buses, you can offer attractive public transport that complies with the toughest restrictions on emissions and noise, while at the same time helping to reduce congestion. And with automated technologies such as geofencing - enabling safety zones - and pedestrian detection, you can increase overall traffic safety in the city.

The Volvo Group’s position as a world leader in terms of electric buses can largely be attributed to the unique and innovative electric powertrain. The engineers behind this creation are now being recognized with the 2016 Volvo Technology Award.

Volvo Group is at the forefront of electromobility, launching the first electrichybrid bus in 2009 that has sold over 2,500 units in 21 countries to date. The Group’s work has raised considerable interest and stakeholders from across the globe are now travelling to Gothenburg to inspect Volvo’s electric bus system, technical solutions and the special depot in which the electric buses are serviced and maintained.


Volvo Trucks’ massive drive towards electrification marks a major step forwards on the road to fossil-free transport. Volvo wants to help the customers and transport buyers to achieve their ambitious sustainability goals and is determined to continue driving the industry towards a sustainable future.

To reduce the impact of transport on the climate, we need to make a swift transition from fossil fuels to alternatives such as electricity. But the conditions for making this shift, and consequently the pace of the transition, vary dramatically across different haulers and markets, depending on many variables such as financial incentives, access to charging infrastructure and type of transport operations. For this reason, most transport companies will change over to electric operation in stages.

With better air quality and less noise in the city, it is possible to plan for housing and infrastructure more freely than at present. An electric truck without any exhaust emissions can be used in indoor terminals and environmental zones. Their low noise level creates opportunities for doing more work at night, thus reducing the burden on the roads during the day.

There is considerable market interest in electric trucks. Many potential customers have questions about the opportunities generated by the new technology and how it can impact their operations.

From experience, we know how important it is that cities, energy suppliers and vehicle manufacturers cooperate in order for large-scale electrification to become a reality. With attractive incentives, agreed standards and a long-term strategy for urban planning and expansion of the charging infrastructure, the process can go much faster.

Coming to the UAE in 2023

FAMCO will introduce electric trucks in 2023.

Volvo Trucks started the series production of heavy-duty electric trucks in September this year and the availability of electric trucks for inter-city and regional haulage marks an important milestone for decarbonizing road transport.

The electric versions of its most important product range — the heavy-duty Volvo FH, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX trucks — will play a vital role in reaching Volvo Trucks global target that in 2030 50 per cent of all new trucks sold will be battery or fuel cell electric. These electric heavy-duty trucks can operate at a total weight of 44 tonnes and the three models mentioned represent around two thirds of the company’s sales.

Volvo's range of electric trucks

  • Volvo Trucks have a global range of six all electric trucks designed to cover many different transport assignments.
  • The Volvo FH, FM and FMX Electric models have a GCW of up to 44 tonnes. Sales are ongoing in Europe and series production started in September 2022.
  • Manufacturing of the Volvo FL and FE Electric, for city distribution and refuse handling, started in Europe already in 2019.
  • Production of the Volvo VNR Electric for North America began in 2020.
  • It will be introduced in the UAE by 2023.

“FAMCO believes in a sustainable future. With Volvo’s electric bus and truck solutions, we will not only be providing the best-in-class vehicles but also steering the wheels of the future to a more sustainable one. We are looking forward to the new solutions and updates from Volvo.” — Ramez Hamdan, Managing Director, Industrial Equipment, FAMCO, Hino, Toyota Material Handling — Al-Futtaim Automotive

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