Expansion Beyond Convention

Expansion Beyond Convention

The company has grown to more than just tyre management over more than four decades


Surender Singh Kandhari

Chairman and Founder, Al Dobowi Group

The Al Dobowi Group was formed in 1976 to address the needs of a growing tyre management and service industry in the Middle East.

We have grown beyond tyre management into providing our clients with all the solutions they need with regard to motion. This includes batteries for motive power and automotive batteries, oils and lubricants, conveyor belt systems and technical rubber products.

Al Dobowi is a globally renowned systems and solutions provider for tyre management, power storage, industrial rubber, material handling and fluid management industries. Established in 1976, the Al Dobowi group of companies have a significant presence in over 10 countries and employ over 2,000 people, functioning collectively as a unified corporate enterprise focused on excelling in the business of manufacturing and distribution.

We contract manufacture our tyres in some of the largest tyre plants in Asia, using our equipment and research and development. We are the largest battery manufacturer in the MENA region and provides both automotive and industrial solutions that power the world’s diversified economic activities.


Eternity Technologies powered by Al Dobowi Group was established in 2009 and became operational in September 2011. Our client list includes and is not limited to Government and corporate sectors.

Eternity Technologies is the newest and most vibrant industrial battery company in the world and has the most modern and up-to-date industrial battery manufacturing facility in the world specialising in the manufacture and supply of industries leading high-performance tubular technology cells. Utilising the latest manufacturing techniques in plate making, cell assembly and formation — which when combined with the 'best’ design, to deliver the high quality and performance demanded by the materials handling market as well as other industrial applications. This combined with modern state-of-the-art quality management systems and computerised operational systems deliver the most modern flexible customer-focused industrial power business in the world.

With this knowledge and systems, Eternity Technologies is now into the development of block batteries suitable for inverter application, solar application and different Semi-Traction applications. Our product range caters to motive power applications (as per Bharat stage (BS), DeutscheIndustrieNormen (DIN) and Battery Council International (BCI) standards) and industrial power applications (telecommunications, solar, UPS, electrical switching, inverter, etc.) ranging in (OPzV, OPzS, SOPzS, SOPzV, etc) and different 12-volt block batteries in flooded, gel and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) technology.

With a complete manufacturing plant located at Ras Al Khaimah, we not only manufacture our products but also have an in-house service and laboratory centre. This ensures our products meet the highest industrial standard complying with the International standardisation of electrotechnology for road vehicles (IEC) and DIN standards. Needless to mention, the state of the art factory meets all the statutory certifications like ISO 9001, 14001, OHSA 18001. We also provide maintenance services for batteries, thereby ensuring not just the best product in the market but also the best service.

Eternity Technologies is a successful global supplier to the industrial market, our batteries are now sold to over 100 countries worldwide. We have our offices and warehouses in the USA, the UK, Germany, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, Chile, India and the UAE.

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