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From left: Abdul Lahir Hassan, a Philanthropist and Chairman of Gamma Holdings Limited; Nabil Lahir, CEO of LEAMS Education
From left: Abdul Lahir Hassan, a Philanthropist and Chairman of Gamma Holdings Limited; Nabil Lahir, CEO of LEAMS Education

LEAMS Education nurtures schools to provide an inspirational environment of innovation and creativity to the young learners of the UAE.

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Published: Sun 31 Jan 2021, 9:00 AM

Last updated: Thu 15 Dec 2022, 3:45 PM

Abdul Lahir Hassan, a Philanthropist and Chairman of Gamma Holdings Limited an entity registered in DIFC, Dubai, put forward his first steps into the UAE four decades ago with a zeal to be part of the success story of a developing nation and contribute towards its vibrant and welcoming culture for equality, excellence and innovation. Today, Gamma Holdings has accomplished several endeavours in the fields of construction, safety & technology, education and real estate.

We currently own five schools, which contribute to the UAE education sector, and have appointed "LEAMS Education" to manage them and create the young Learners of our schools to have an innovative thinking approach and become global citizens of the future.

The journey of LEAMS Education would be best described by the analogy "a little spark that transpired into a burning flame."

Nabil Lahir, CEO of LEAMS Education, is embedded with a strong background in innovative leadership combined with a rigorous educational background from IIT-India and has been the driving force to spearhead the group's initiative towards quality and innovative education in the UAE.

We, at LEAMS Education, believe it is our duty to ensure teaching takes place in a safe, open and supportive environment so that students learn the important aspect of developing and fostering positive relationships and high thinking. Our managed group of schools in the UAE along with the supportive guidelines of KHDA combines both British and CBSE curriculums with a total of five schools, and growing.

Bringing high-quality, innovative and affordable education with the help of competent and high-calibre faculty to nourish the minds of our young learners to understand compassion, humility and nurture intelligence are few of the building blocks towards the vision of LEAMS Education.

LEAMS Education has transformed schools into an inspirational space, with an encouraging learning environment. Students are inspired to explore their talents through a wide range of activities like sports, after-school and creative activities, community development programmes robotics and AI-based learning.

As an inclusive educator, LEAMS Education values and boosts the talents of the gifted and the students of determination. Perseverance and contribution at every turn of the wheel have helped achieve their current standing of a total of more than 6,000 students & growing, across all their managed schools in the UAE.

We provide an experience-based cross-disciplinary delivery of education in which students work to their highest potential with confidence, curiosity and resourcefulness. Our young learners also get to demonstrate intellectual engagement, critical, innovative and creative thinking, respect for individual differences, and a strong sense of personal and social responsibility which is continually encouraged by LEAMS Education.


To make students all-round performers and focus on planning group activities that build a sense of collaboration and bring the school together.  The activities include debates, camps, workshops, and simulations, which provide opportunities for students to work together as a group and discuss concerns in a large forum.

Core Value

The LEAMS Leadership and each member of the team are driven with the passion of pursuing the Chairman's vision - affordable Education for children combined with 21st century techniques of child development skills, robotics and AI technology. Together we demonstrate a robust approach to learning and development of children's education, which keeps us motivated and accountable to develop and innovate new ideas and approaches to learning every day.

Skill Development

LEAMS provides an empowering environment to develop students to get an impact to move beyond the classroom walls and continue to be skilful, long after they are out of sight. LEAMS bridge with many companies to provide ample opportunities for students to ensure they are empowered and skilled.

Emphasis on Quality Education

They focus on quality teaching and developing students with better capabilities to become productive, develop an out-of-box thought process which contributes to aa peaceful society and enhance individual well-being.Â

Learning and Development

At LEAMS, we use a combination of formative and summative assessments which ensures that students have acquired the knowledge and skills required and are ready to set targets for the next academic year. 'Think-pair-share' activities and group discussions are great ways of activating students as learning resources for each other. Not only do students learn from each other, but also find these activities stimulating and enjoyable. Effective classroom discussions promote thinking and create a very positive learning environment.

Academic growth and feedback

Although students do not receive traditional letter grades, both students and parents receive frequent  updates regarding academic progress. Every week, teachers prepare a brief report about student performance in each class and pass it on to the parents. At the end of each semester, teachers write a detailed narrative assessment that reflects on individual student progress.

Selecting the right school

LEAMS Education provides guided counselling to parents to identify the precise fit of curriculum and school to ensure the children get off to a right start in their academic career.Â

LEAMS Education currently manages five Schools in Dubai which are strategically located at calm residential and serene locations, away from the hustle of daily city life. The British Curriculum AS & A level education includes The Apple International School while The Indian Academy is a CBSE school. We are proud to say and confidently emphasise that through the successful guidance and support driven by KHDA and the continued recognition through our innovative approach to education, we are also in the final stages to start a new Community School offering British Curriculum in the neighbourhood of Karama, Dubai.

LEAMS has already applied and is in the process of acquiring the WELL Health-Safety Rating through the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) for all the schools under its management. The accreditation, which once obtained will be a first for schools in Dubai, marking LEAMS Education's focus on adopting and prioritizing students' safety and well-being in the schools.

To manage your schools or for any enquiries, please reach out to us on enquiries@leamseducation.com

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