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On the glorious occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day, celebrate by concocting delicacies with the milky goodness of Abevia’s nutritious products

By Michelle D'Souza

Published: Sun 15 Aug 2021, 3:25 PM

Sankha Biswas CEO, Nutridor Ltd

Milk plays a prominent role in Indian cuisine, elevating dishes to give them a bagful of flavour. Whether it’s succulent pieces of chicken malai kebab or sweet treats such as rabdi and kheer, the ingredients that give these dishes their distinct flavours and invigorating aroma are milk.

The eclectic variety of dishes that originate across the length and breadth of India, each make use of milk and milk products in a variety of settings — from simple family gatherings to noteworthy festivals and occasions, such as the Independence Day that is celebrated with fervour in India and among the Indian diaspora residing oversees.

Milk gives these dishes their familiar form, often acting as a prime tenderiser and thickener. It also adds a creamy consistency and richness to preparations, giving diners a hearty experience with wholesome flavour.

Ankit Dubey GM MENA, Nutridor Ltd

Understanding the importance of milk as a primary ingredient in Indian culture, Nutridor, a venture of TGI Group, an international organisation with four decades of excellence around three continents, introduced the dairy brand Abevia. Armed with the tagline, ‘Add Abevia, add goodness to life’, the dairy brand operates on Nutridor’s diversified portfolio and resilient product offering, coupled with value-added variety across all socio-economic segments, which add to its uniqueness.

Abevia’s repertoire of products includes evaporated milk, sweet condensed milk, drinking yoghurt, and dairy ingredients like butter, ghee, skimmed and whole milk powders, cheeses such as mozzarella, cheddar, Emmental and paneer. Each adds to their respective dishes’ sublime taste and continues to win over fans — not just Indians, but people from all over the globe.

According to CEO Sankha Biswas, Abevia evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk are derived from the best milk ingredients in Europe and New Zealand. The uniqueness of Abevia evaporated milk is its low cholesterol formula, no added sugar or preservatives, a rich source of protein and natural milk taste. The presence of vitamins and calcium in Abevia evaporated milk further adds nutritional value to a healthy and tasty dairy product. This ensures that your next bite of barfi made with Abevia ingredients is guaranteed to be creamier and guilt-free; a perfect way to celebrate India’s Independence Day.

Abevia’s range of milk products is an ideal companion for concocting festive treats, whether you plan to cook up a sizzling pot of mutton biryani, luscious palak paneer, or even wholesome kheer.

Research and innovation at its core

Abevia guarantees customers that their nutritional needs are in safe hands. Its products are a result of years of research and innovation, which has gone behind developing the final and great tasting product. With over 30 years of experience and heritage, Nutridor, part of the TGI Group, is synonymous with great quality products in all the markets they have ventured into. With the core objective of providing good quality products at an affordable price, Nutridor Abevia entered the UAE market in 2020.

The brand is well-prepared to seize opportunities and build on the right portfolio of products and brands to serve its consumers meaningfully across a balanced array of geographies. It is gradually expanding its distribution and is currently available in major supermarket chains such as Safeer, West Zone, Ansar and Al Madina to name a few.

“Preparing for tomorrow is the business of today, for every person at every age for our own home. With our commitment to social and economic progress and passion for bringing health through food to as many people as possible, we will continue to generate profitable and sustainable growth now and for many years to come. We are continuously expanding our distribution across channels to serve our customers in every corner of the UAE,” Biswas concluded.


Nutridor Abevia aims to elevate flavours and help the young and young-at-heart make the best of the Indian Independence Day festivities with delicious treats. Residents in the UAE can relive their fondest memories and create new experiences with our repertoire of products — from milk to ghee. Milk is the mainstay in some of India’s most beloved dishes, and Abevia’s portfolio has the perfect set of items that residents can use to prepare some of the most liked sweet and savoury dishes. For most families, there’s nothing more delightful than starting or ending the day with a steaming cup of tea while engaging in conversation. With Nutridor Abevia Evaporated Milk, guests can indulge in a refreshing and creamy beverage that pairs perfectly with namkeen, biscuits and confectionary.

I wish all Indians in the UAE and across the globe a very Happy Independence Day.

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