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Ensuring Good Indoor Air Quality is Easy

Saad Ali, Managing Director, TROX, Middle East
Saad Ali, Managing Director, TROX, Middle East

A trusted name in air conditioning and ventilation, TROX air purifier minimise risk of air pollution

Published: Thu 24 Feb 2022, 9:49 AM

Last updated: Thu 24 Feb 2022, 9:51 AM

There is a great disparity in the way we think about and address different sources of environmental infection. While the emphasis has mostly been on food safety, sanitisation, and clean drinking water, the pandemic has reinvigorated the importance of maintaining good indoor air quality. A good ventilation system can go a long way in maintaining good health by protecting us against viral aerosols.

TROX Technik is one of the largest and among the trusted names in the world of ventilation and air conditioning. Right from air distribution, control units and systems, central air handling units, to fans, sound attenuators, air-water systems, decentralised ventilation systems, external louvres, and fire and smoke protection units, the company has a range of products to ensure good quality of indoor air.

Launched in 1951 in Germany, TROX has spread its operations globally and has been in the Middle East for over five decades serving commercial, industrial and residentials.

“We have one of the biggest laboratories in Europe, which allows us to regularly not only publish technical white papers on the subject of indoor air quality but also create innovative solutions. Another equally important strength has been our ability to adapt our German technology based products to local standards,” said Saad Ali, Managing Director, Trox Middle East.

In the UAE and generally in the ME, the company has been the preferred choice. Its ventilation and air conditioning systems are being used in Dubai Airport, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and many more. The latest project is the Museum of Future in Dubai.

Talking about the importance of air purifiers, Ali said, “We offer a range of air purifiers, which can minimise the risk of airborne transmission of viruses in insufficiently ventilated rooms — without the need for complex installations. The units are easy to set up and operate and filter more than 99.95 per cent of all viral aerosols — even in large rooms. This is because the TROX air purifiers offer a particularly high air change rate. It is also quieter and more energy-saving than any comparable device.”

On energy consumption, Ali mentioned the German engineered air purifiers consume less energy than a 100W bulb. “With our technical ability and knowledge, we have been able to convince our customers of our solutions. We have CFD analysis, basically a live lab that shows air movement to prove our point with measuring devices,” added Ali.

In the Middle East, the company has two factories in the region, one each in Egypt and Morocco. Plus we have a large local Warehouse and an Assembly line in Dubai area “The idea is to localise so as to avoid heavy shipments from Europe to the Middle East and North Africa. This way we cut out unnecessary carbon emissions. Besides, we trace our suppliers to ensure they are using the right products and raw materials that are basically recyclable and we even look at the basics of manufacturing processes if they are sustainable.”

TROX products are widely being used in schools, restaurants, cafeterias, gyms, offices, hospitals, etc.

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