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Sergas is truly the lifeline of gas supplies in the UAE, and it has a roadmap to excel in times to come

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By Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Wed 23 Jun 2021, 9:51 AM

Last updated: Wed 23 Jun 2021, 11:55 AM

Mohamed Damak, CEO of Sergas Group, is a success story in resilience. He holds a degree in chemical engineering and has led from the front in making Sergas a household name in the field of central gas systems in the UAE.

Sergas has evolved itself as a lifeline of energy. This was not an easy task, but Sergas did it with excellence, as it drew the best of talent and engineering from a multitude of resources. Undoubtedly, Sergas is a business magnate today in energy supplies, gas solutions, design, procurement, and operations.

It has tailor-made solutions while providing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Substitute Natural Gas (SNG), Natural Gas (NG), And Medical Gas to a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential clients. It is rightly credited for being at the vanguard in central gas systems across the UAE.

Having started as a partnership venture in 1988 in Abu Dhabi, today, Sergas Group is present in Oman and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it has executed over 7,500 projects across the GCC region with a supply of more than 50 million litres of LPG annually.

An enterprising and confident Damak says, "Growth comes with patience and the passage of time." He elucidates it as a momentum that started when the UAE's energy roadmap was being drawn and attributes the success to the visionary leadership.

"We were the only authorised company in the UAE to deal with central gas systems," he remarks, adding, "with the opening of the market for commercial gas systems, it was a boom of sorts, and we grabbed that opportunity to make it a resounding success." Sergas has the credit of undertaking major projects such as Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Emirates Palace, and other prized entities.

With a staff of more than 500, including 40 engineers and 22 tankers, Sergas can fulfil its mandate and face any future increase in demand. This is so because of its 33 years of rich experience in knowing the energy landscape of the Emirates and an evolving organic relationship with customers. It also believes in a stringent and consumer-friendly awareness programme and is always at the beck and call of its valued clients. Smart Gas Meter Management is just the tip of the iceberg in quality management and deliverance.

Damak says the company has a vibrant and conscious protocol when it comes to corporate social responsibility. "We do everything in our means to tread a path of sustainable development. Our developmental strategies and quality control mechanisms are driven by similar initiatives, such as a cap on carbon prints and water conservation," he enthrals. The company can also intrude into several new landmark initiatives with its expertise. Sergas believes in implementing the latest technology in the gas industry and taking care of safety procedures is its obsession. This ultimately has been rewarded by trust from its stakeholders, consumers, and relevant authorities.

Sergas wasn't caught off guard with the pandemic. It was alert to the occasion and constituted a 'pro-active crisis committee' to ensure stringent protocols. Its staff was paid on time and never resorted to retrenchments. Damak credits the Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) management team for its tireless efforts to ensure that work is not hampered and the health of the staff is looked after. In addition, work-from-home and the strategic use of IT made it sail smoothly.

Damak believes in investing in the future, and human resource management is his priority. "We give importance to women professional development and we set goals for improving gender diversity," he says, adding, "22 per cent of our staff is composed of women working in support and administrative functions". Sergas is among the few companies in the UAE that share around 10 to 15 per cent of its profit with employees. This is a leap forward in productivity and management excellence, based on the premise of fairness and a sense of belonging.

Sergas is in the process of extending its reach to different parts of the world and upholds to its motto 'Think globally, act locally'.

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