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Published: Thu 24 Feb 2022, 9:00 AM

Amity University Dubai prepares students to shine in the real world through exposure to industry-leading concepts and state-of-the-art methodologies

At Amity University Dubai, the focus is on bringing about change, empowering communities, and making the world a better place. Through immersion in real-world projects, group interactions and networking opportunities, students of Amity reach their full learning potential over the course of their programme. Whether it is through mock trials in a moot court, creating a collection for a fashion show, building a solar powered house or working on a satellite ground station, new programmes and projects are constantly introduced to ensure that students are ready to take on the world.

The university’s programmes aim to develop a student’s professional skills, practical understanding and theoretical knowledge in a variety of areas. Preparing students for the future of industries, teaching them to adapt to new environments and evolving global practices. The university campus is designed to inspire students to become future innovators. Through internships and research, students have the opportunity to understand more about the inner workings of an organisation and gain knowledge about different fields.

Amity University Dubai is home to a one-of-a-kind business incubator programme, accredited by Dubai SME. The innovation hub brings together a community of mentors, entrepreneurs, volunteers, innovators and students. Students can work on start-up business concepts and ideas, with the guidance of a dedicated team at the Incubation Centre. From meeting with industry professionals and factory visits to participating in government competitions for start-up grants, the opportunities for students of Amity are endless. The Incubator is frequently mentored by leading CEO’s of start-ups and established corporates.

The in-house Corporate Resource Centre helps students with internships, part-time opportunities and full-time jobs. The team also organises regular workshops to assist with CV writing and preparing for interviews. Guest lectures by industry leaders, alumni talks and industry visits are regularly conducted to give students an insight into organisations and how they function.

Dr. Fazal Malik

Pro Vice Chancellor

Amity University Dubai

Our technology-centric pedagogies and state-of-the-art infrastructure empower our faculty to cater to the needs of a new generation of students who are technology savvy, innovative, and passionate about learning. This technology facilitated approach, along with a focus on research and project-based learning prepare our students to acquire the skills and competencies needed to enter into a highly competitive and changing job market. By building opportunities like learning by doing, industry engagements, portfolio creation, interdisciplinary projects and independent learning within the curriculum, Amity University Dubai adds more value to education through these tangible outcomes.


Kamilya Bekmukhambetova

Bachelor of Science

(Information Technology)

As a student of Amity University Dubai, I have become stronger, smarter and qualified for the market. In the last three years, I have been selected for several summer internship programmes, was featured in CNN as an official Emirates Nature-WWF ambassador, won Harvard and Samsung Innovation Campus courses, and the list goes on. None of this would be possible if my professors had not shared these amazing opportunities with us and encouraged us to believe in ourselves. In three years, I have become an athlete, digital creator, model, CIS club leader, researcher, public speaker and hackathon expert.

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