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Star Mirdif has embedded innovation and technology into its curriculum

Published: Thu 29 Apr 2021, 9:41 PM

Star International School Mirdif is a BSME accredited, British Curriculum through school in the heart of Mirdif. Currently, it is open from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 1 through to Year 9, expanding to Year 10 in September 2021. The school is research-driven and family-oriented, guiding children through education by Star's 'Pillars for Learning'; learning for self, learning for change, learning for all. Star Mirdif offers education from British qualified teachers, with tuition fees starting at Dh27,000.

Star's EYFS offers an exclusive learning environment, allowing space for inquisitive, energetic children. EYFS has an abundance of outdoor space as well as a beautiful auditorium for lessons, breaks and events. EYFS also has purpose-built splash pools, offering a safe introduction to swimming lessons.

Star Mirdif is launching its STEAM curriculum in September 2021, introducing students to computer science and robotics, building and designing technology. This innovation follows the success of the introduction of AI-powered education platforms, which personalise education for every student's individual needs. Children are encouraged to be proud of their work and are offered opportunities to compete across all subjects. Star's Secondary School offers a wide range of qualifications and subjects to suit all interests and capabilities including GCSEs, iGCSEs and BTEC.

The school is led by Gill Roberts, Principal, alongside Neal Oates, Vice Principal; who are passionate about consistently investing and improving the quality of education provided at the school. With their direction, the school continues to reach goals of excellence through new facilities, educational equipment and learning experiences.

"Star Mirdif's unique selling point is that we are a family. Our approachable, nurturing atmosphere allows children to take risks safely, expand their mindset and learn through their mistakes. Our staff are a dedicated team who are superb in supporting our community. We collaborate and look after one another; our children are incredibly fortunate to be amongst such wonderful educators; encouraging them to reach for their aspirations."

Gill Roberts


Star International School Mirdif

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