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Published: Wed 25 Aug 2021, 12:22 PM

The Dubai-based immigration expert possesses the first-hand knowledge and experience to make possible easy and simplified immigration method that none other might provide. The team at Gazette Immigration Consultants is composed of highly experienced professionals, each qualified for a specific step of the visa securing method with services designed as per the requirements of the customer.

Furthermore, its consultancy ranges from simple initiation of visa processing to the availability of legal advisor, where required. Offering cost-efficient solutions, the consultants advise the clients with expertise to live and work in any of the countries that we deal with that involves — planning each individual’s journey according to the desires, expectations and comfortability of the individual; securing them a stress-free and easy way out of Dubai and inside the desired destination.

Seamless service

The professional experts, who are one of the best immigration consultants in the UAE, assist and guide you through the daunting procedure of immigration from Dubai to other countries. The entire procedure ban be really challenging and daunting, owing to the numerous minute steps involved in the process. The know-how of the procedure is not easy to understand, and there arises the need of our capable immigration consultants. This is where the consultant fulfil all required jobs including the various formalities, documentation and the paperwork. The Canada immigration consultants in Dubai are legal experts in their fields with specialised and knowledge of their due jobs and their cost-effective services are undoubtedly seamless and flawless, keeping the interests of the customers in mind.

Why should you choose Gazette

Do not simply just provide you with basic consultancy to land in your dream destination, but also assist you in securing a promising job beforehand.

Refine your communication skills to properly showcase your skills for the interviews.

Provide proper assessment to ensure the approval of the visa to the client.

Tries its best to keep the immigration visa process free of any errors or delays and accordingly, designs a smooth and hassle-free procedure. It processes all documents according to the requirements of your dream country and double-check the paperwork to minimise any potential errors.

Provides modern online services for the immigration procedure.


Canada: Canada is the most promising destination for those seeking quality education and multiple high-profile career opportunities owing to its fast-growing market.

New Zealand: The country is enriched with vast diversity of landscapes that will surpass your imagination.

Australia: Thinking about migrating to a technologically advanced, versatile, comfortable and a luxurious country with exclusive scenic beauty, then consider Australia.

Denmark: Denmark is a hub for enthusiastic individuals aspiring to attain a promising career and a comfortable future.

Germany: It is known for its diverse culture and unlimited career opportunities. The country is the most technologically advanced state of Europe with several investors interested to initiate their startups.

South Africa: South Africa might not be the first on your list, but the country is responsible for providing thousands of jobs with its fast-paced industrialisation.

USA: The USA is a dream spot as it inhabits countless business-oriented individuals who are ever ready to expand their businesses.

UK: UK is a home to the friendly and hospitable people around the world, possessing respectable family values making it a great place to join for a living.

Portugal: Begin anew in Portugal, the oldest civilisation with a rich culture and scenic beauty; also well-known for being the friendliest country of Europe.

A second citizenship is always beneficial

Mrs Siddiqui, CEO

Gazette Immigration Consultants

What are the benefits of a second citizenship?

If for some reason you cannot get or renew a passport in your home country due to political instability or civil war for example, the right to another passport can be extremely useful. Even if you simply lose your passport, it may take some time until you can get a replacement and having an alternative passport may be beneficial. If you require a visa and have to send your passport to a foreign embassy or consulate for processing, you cannot travel overseas during that processing time — unless you have an alternative passport.

Do you see an increasing trend in global citizenship? Can you please elaborate.

Yes, people are now looking for more than just stable life, they want to explore new challenges ad work in dynamic work space. Most of the immigrants are coming from Asia and are well qualified to work in Western countries. Previously, the Gulf was an attractive destination for expats to work but as Gulf don’t provide citizenship, expats after working for few years are more likely to move to Western countries like Canada and Europe.

Has Covid-19 impacted this industry in any way?

Yes, Covid-19 has negatively impacted the global immigration market for non-medicos, but the requirements of medical staff like general practitioner, respiratory therapist, nurses, etc., have increased during pandemic. As the lockdown is been eased in few countries, people are willing to take the permanent residency (PR).

Anything else you would like to add?

Taking a second citizenship has always been beneficial for people, making them prepared for global challenges and providing a better life to their kids in near future.


Nargis Atul

I highly recommend Gazette Immigration Consultants to anyone seeking a Canada PR Visa. The service I received from Gazette Immigration staff was always friendly, knowledgeable, professional and prompt. If I had a question that was out of their realm, the consultants were always willing to go above and beyond and help me locate who I needed to speak with to resolve a concern.

Kundanika Iyer

I am very pleased and consistently very impressed by their work ethic, approach to all my queries.I am a nurse working in the UAE for the last 10 years, and decided to apply for PR in Canada. During the whole process, the Processing Manager at Gazette Immigration Consultant assigned to me helped with all the resources that I needed, and at the same time, was very friendly, professional, compassionate, and ready to help in the quickest way possible. I wish them a lot of success and prosperity in the future.

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