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Harish Chand, Deputy General Manager, Terence Correia, General Manager, Vidisha Kumbhar and Chetan Kumbhar, Founders and Managing Partners.
Harish Chand, Deputy General Manager, Terence Correia, General Manager, Vidisha Kumbhar and Chetan Kumbhar, Founders and Managing Partners.

Registered with ICCRC, Canada and MARA, Australia - DM Immigration Consultants expertise lies in supporting client settlement in foreign countries.

Published: Sun 29 Nov 2020, 8:26 AM

Last updated: Sun 29 Nov 2020, 10:32 AM

Everyone dreams of a future that guarantees them security, prospects and a peace of mind, but most don't know where to begin. A trustworthy consultant, such as DM Immigration Consultants, is the best option to help you understand the potential you hold and help you grab the opportunity to change your life. Founded in 2016, DM Immigration Consultants was set up by qualified and experienced professionals to educate individuals towards making rational choice to fulfill their immigration goals.

With utmost transparency, the consultants have assisted thousands of clients with exemplary success ratio since inception. Its demand of services fostered the establishment of 14 branches across the UAE across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, covering prominent locations in GCC such as Kuwait and Oman, Indian cities such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune and across Canadian cities such as Ontario and London.

The firm's success is credited to its loyal and respectable clients who have put immense faith into their services and allowed DM Immigration Consultants make important settlement decisions that involve their careers, families and finances. Additionally, the never-ending contribution and intellect of our Founders and Managing Partners Chetan Kumbhar and Vidisha Kumbhar have set DM Immigration Consultants apart from others.

From dreams to reality

Prior to executing their vast knowledge about immigration to the clients, Chetan and Vidisha experienced filling their own application, which turned out to successful, granting them Canadian permanent residency in the course of 11 months. With a triumphant prominence in the market, DM has carved a niche position by the number of clients assisted with their outstanding success rate. In particular, the consultants are dignified by making over 1,000 aspirants achieve their immigration goals. And behind it all is the personal and professional partner duo and a team of expertise, instilled with a single work philosophy - consumer above all.

DM Immigration Consultants has successfully assisted clients with permanent residency through skilled migrations and business investments, and temporary migrations such as student and visit visas including tourist, business and medical. Moreover, the consultants support clients to draft and structure their applications according to the protocols laid by immigration authorities. They also offer featured assistance on post-landing services to help adapt to the new place.

Choosing the right specialist

Immigration consultants are the mediators between an individual and immigration authority to play vital role in comprehending the procedures and policies. Specialised consultants are able to screen an applicants' credentials to analyse the eligibility of migration to the preferred country. They are also well-informed to educate clients to be decisive and compare various aspects before lodging an application such as the type of immigration - business or skilled, an appropriate region, career and work prospects, and more. The advisors provide unbiased and neutral evaluation customised to applicant's requirements.

Countries desired by UAE applicants

Potential immigrants prefer countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Poland and other Caribbean countries. However, final decision is taken considering the norms and how well it suits the applicant's profile.

Terence Correia, General Manager of DM Immigration Consultants, shared that the most desired country to immigrate to till date is Canada with GDP per capita $48,390, followed by Australia with GDP per capita $503,911.

A study reveals that Canada is one among the happiest countries in the world. With its flexible and inclusive visa policies, its immigration is a layman process for students and skilled workers alike. Most immigrants from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and other Middle East expatriates are fostered to grab this opportunity, mainly due to commendable health services, world-class education, career opportunities, spouse sponsorship, birthright citizenship, child allowance, unemployment grant, pension schemes, supervise for parents and grandparents, acceptance and adaptability of every community, and much more.

Setting up as a foreign entity

Starting up business in a foreign country can be daunting for an investor as they are unaware about the legal and political climate of the foreign country.

"It is crucial to consider and comprehend the regulations as certain countries are known to give foreigners opportunities to own property. Moreover, research of market trends and the economic situation entails obvious benefits to the business to prosper," said Correia.

Other essential factors can be assisted by specialists, such as dealing with financial institutions, the incorporation process, overcoming language barriers and so on. Commencing business in foreign environment will certainly require due diligence and utmost consideration on the aforementioned aspects.

A preferred companion

DM Immigration Consultants are real professionals with personalised solutions, bringing a list of services in temporary and permanent migration. They ensure utmost transparency and integrity for each client. "This is exactly why we refrain from undertaking work permits, RINP (Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot), AIPP (Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programs), negotiated IELTS score commitments, fallacious job assurance, erroneous information on availing desired province, and others as they turn out to be unrealistic," Correia highlighted.

Harish Chand, Deputy General Manager, explains: "The team understands the value of an applicant's time and money, providing detailed post-screening facts and eligibility in relevance to client's profile."

Addressing student visa concerns

The professional and experienced student visa team at DM Immigration Consultants avails a student permit i.e. an invitation from college or university and process the visa accordingly.

"We have tie-ups with renowned international educational institutions to facilitate the bonafide students to accomplish the career goals. With an immense knowledge about the school curriculums and its integration with undergraduate and post-graduate programmes, the team of our specialised regional career counsellors provide an exclusive proposal considering the short term and long-term goals of student," he added.

DM Immigration Consultants' in-house training services of SAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL further ease the process for clients. They assist in applying for education loan, drafting SOPs and resumes.

Certified in its field of expertise

There are various factors that raise DM Immigration Consultants a cut above the rest. It is registered with the Canadian ICCRC, MARA in Australia and the British Council, certified and licensed team of consultants, legal advisors, and a processing team. "Step-by-step assistance including complimentary (in-house) IELTS sessions and personalised training has proven a great help to the clients to achieve desired band score," said Correia.

Their post landing and resettlement services initiates with airport pick-up, assistance in arranging accommodation, guidance in preparing legal documentation to avail social security card, bank account, tax file number, medical card, and importantly job search assistance.

Get connected

Being into global set-up, DM Immigration Consultants work 24/7, and are located in six different countries with 16 official set-ups for convenience. They also host virtual meetings with the intention to educate them about the facts and procedures to help them make a wise decision.

For further information,  contact +971 507745659

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