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Shamlal AhamedMD – International Operations, Malabar Gold & Diamonds
Shamlal AhamedMD – International Operations, Malabar Gold & Diamonds

With 22 new showrooms coming up soon Malabar Gold & Diamonds has earmarked itself as people’s choice for jewellery

Published: Wed 26 Jan 2022, 12:00 AM

Gold has always been a safe haven asset and has further strengthened its position during the pandemic, due to which, demand for jewellery will continue to rise. It is the only value appreciating lifestyle article, which can be adorned and at the same time liquidated in times of crisis. According to a report by World Gold Council, inflation, market uncertainty linked to Covid-19 and demand from other sectors like Central Banks will further drive the performance of the yellow metal.

Mall of Oman, Muscat
Mall of Oman, Muscat

A bullish market for jewellers

We have been opening showrooms not just in India but also internationally. As part of our global expansion plan, we are opening 22 new showrooms in GCC, Far East and India in the month of January 2022 itself. Of the 22 new showrooms, 12 will be in GCC and Far East and 10 in India where the brand already has a presence. This is a part of our strategy to further strengthen our retail footprint in the territories where we have a strong presence as well as foray into new markets with our differentiated services and product offerings. Having seen in our research that both rural and urban markets are rapidly emerging in terms of potential, we are all geared up to set new standards of customer comfort and convenience in these new markets.

Al-Meera Jeryan, Jenaihat, Qatar
Al-Meera Jeryan, Jenaihat, Qatar

Bespoke jewellery solutions

Bespoke Jewellery Solutions has been introduced for our customers looking to design their own jewellery. Customers can share their ideas with our experienced designers and artisans, who will help bring their dream jewellery to life. Our expertise in adorning brides globally for over two decades, dedicated teams of skilled designers and artisans, jewellery manufacturing capability and above all, the assurance of Malabar promise makes Bespoke Jewellery Solutions a preferred choice. We have seen a very positive interest in bespoke jewellery from millennials, especially for bridal jewellery.

Resonating with the global audience

We have the availability of a highly skilled workforce in India, including designers and artisans at fair wages, which helps us design and manufacture jewellery as per the tastes of a global audience and this is available across our stores internationally. Moreover, all our stores are curated in a way that is appealing to the residents of that particular location. Every element of that store including products, designs, services, staff, etc. are planned in a way that caters to their specific tastes and preferences; thereby enabling us to fulfil the requirements of a global audience.

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