Cordial Commendations

Yusuffali MA

Chairman and Managing Director, LuLu Group International

As a resident of UAE for almost five decades, I am immensely proud and privileged to share the 50th National Day greetings. I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the visionary leaders of this great country who have transformed the UAE into one of the most dynamic, progressive, harmonious, and peaceful countries in the world. More than 200 nationalities live, work, and earn their livelihood in this great country, which reinforces the tolerant and inclusive nature of Emiratis. May this great country progress and achieve further new heights.

Dr. Azad Moopen

Founder, Chairman and MD Aster DM Healthcare

On the whole, I can confidently say that the UAE is a wonder among the nations in the world. In spite of the size and even being in the midst of harsh weather and volatile geo-political situation in the region, it has remained as a solace and hope to millions who live here and also for those who want to come and be here. May God bless this great country and its benevolent Rulers.

PNC Menon

Founder and Chairman, Sobha Group

We are inspired by the UAE’s leadership and embrace the blueprint for the future that encourages innovation, and sustainable development across economic and social sectors, cementing the UAE’s place on the global stage.

Paras Shahdadpuri

Chairman and Founder, NIKAI Group

On the occasion of the 50th National Day, NIKAI extends heartiest congratulations and wishes peace and prosperity to the Rulers and citizens of this great nation. We look forward to success, advancement and development.

Ram Buxani

Chairman, ITL Cosmos

When I came to the UAE, they were known as the ‘Trucial States’. And it is such an amazing thing that the truce between them continues even after the Union. I’m sure that the truce and friendship will continue for the next many decades and the country will flourish and grow and set an example for the world.

Adeeb Ahamed

Managing Director, LuLu Financial Group

Financial services is one of the most promising sectors of the UAE, buoyed by the nation’s adherence to consumer convenience, world-class compliance norms and accelerated pace of technology adoption. The UAE’s robust industrial, manufacturing, tourism and service sectors have generated immense scope for respectable employability, and this has made the country one of the best places to live and work for expats.

In the Year of the 50th, LuLu Financial Holdings continues to remain bullish about the prospects of the UAE’s economy and is committed to invest even more to diversify our network of physical branches and digital offerings to make payments reliable, seamless and accessible for all sections of society. On the UAE’s Year of the 50th, we wish this great nation and its people a glorious future and all prosperity.

Surinder Singh Kandhari

Chairman and Founder, Al Dabowi Group

A young nation with a lot of future and a lot of zeal. It has a very pragmatic leadership which is welcoming to one and all. We wish the UAE a very Happy 50th Year.

Sunil John

President, MENA, BCW and Founder of ASDA’A BCW

With the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic receding thanks to the leadership’s proactive efforts, and Expo 2020 Dubai underway amidst huge fanfare, a spirit of positivity and optimism is evident, while the trust of Emirati youth in their nation’s economic vision remains universally high.

Dr Dhananjay (Jay) Datar

Chairman and MD, Al Adil Trading

The UAE Government are supportive and with more people coming to the UAE for the Expo, we believe this is a good time to expand. We look forward to reconnecting with the world and building face-to-face connections.

Siddharth Balachandran

Chairman, India Club

A great day, an inspiring milestone and a renewed purpose for each and every citizen, resident and associate of this dynamic nation, the UAE… Heartfelt congratulations and commendations to all.

Dr. Rashed bin Huzaim

Founder, Grow Healthy Food

Under the wise guidance of its leadership, many policies have been made that have made way for the development of the UAE society. The Rulers of our country signed a unification agreement to create the the UAE to transform the separate states into one strong nation on December 2, 1971. This day has been commemorated with great self-confidence, leading to festivals, fireworks, dance shows, car rallies, sport challenges, air shows and colours of the UAE flag around the whole country to create enthusiasm all over. Hopefully the next 50 years will usher in a period of even stronger growth for the country where we will continue to enjoy continuous prosperity and not to mention good health for everyone that lives here.

Kamal Vachani

Group Director and Partner Al Maya Group

As the UAE celebrates 50 years today, I would like to extend my congratulations to the country’s visionary leadership from the bottom of my heart.

The UAE is home to more than 200 nationalities, and we all call it our second home. As a long-time resident and one of the leading business groups in the UAE, we have seen the remarkable growth of this country in the last couple of decades. We are confident that the growth momentum of the UAE will continue despite ups and downs at the global level. At Al Maya Group, we are also actively participating in the 50 years celebrations with our retail outlets across the UAE.The UNESCO’s endorsement of the UAE’s National Day as the ‘World Futures Day’ across the globe is a ground-breaking achievement.

Faizal Kottikollon

Chairman and Founder KEF Holdings, Meitra Hospital Faizal and Shabana Foundation

On this landmark occasion of the 50th National Day, I’d like to remind everyone to take a minute and feel pride in this great nation. I would like to wish my heartiest congratulations to the great leadership of the UAE and to every person – Emirati and expats – who calls this melting pot of love, culture and tolerance their home.

Raju Menon

Founder, Chairman and Managing Partner

Kreston Menon

The UAE has set its target high to be the numero uno in all the competitive indexes by the Centennial anniversary of the Union in 2071. The aspiring national strategy “Towards the next 50” aims to represent the UAE's next 50 years, building on the foundation of the progress made in the past 50 years.

Johnson Thomas

Founder and Managing Director

First Flight Couriers (Middle East) LLC

I salute the vison of the UAE Rulers. Under their visionary rule, the nation has seen the optimistic growth not for 50 years but has also worked towards the futuristic approach for the next 50 years.

Shan Kadavil

Co-Founder and CEO, FreshToHome

With immense gratitude, FreshToHome would like to thank the leadership of this beloved country for their continuous support.

Sudhakaran Polassery

Chairman, SPT Group of Companies

The UAE truly provides us with something special in terms of lifestyle that no other country in the world can offer. I wish the UAE, it’s leaders, citizens and all residents a Happy 50th UAE National day. I believe that this is just a beginning for the UAE and as a nation we have a bright future ahead.

DR. B. Govindan

Chairman, Bhima Jewellers Group

On the glorious occasion of the 50th UAE National Day, we take pride in being a part of this remarkable journey. We are proud of the UAE’s many achievements and would like to pay our gratitude to the all the visionary leaders and the government for building and strengthening this wonderful country. We are optimistic about the future and are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder in creating a positive and vibrant tomorrow.

Neelivethil Rajeev

Managing Director, ESPA

The UAE has been an example and inspiration of growth, development and progress over the past 50 years like no other nation has been able to achieve. The mettle and dedication to progress is seen in every nook and corner of this country, accelerated by a government that has put the needs of its people and best practices into their rightful places.

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