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Arturo Manso, Managing Director, Teka UAE
Arturo Manso, Managing Director, Teka UAE

Teka combines quality, efficiency and unconventional care to achieve the best solution for your home


Nisthula Nagarajan

Published: Thu 30 Sep 2021, 3:10 PM

While it had its humble beginnings nine decades ago in Germany, Teka is one of the most important kitchen appliance brands around the world today, present in five continents and available in more than 120 countries. The company has 15 factories all around Europe, Asia and America, producing more than 15 million units per year. Teka manufactures entire ranges of Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Sinks to furnish the kitchen. The company’s focus is on Built-In products making it the leader in the segment.

In the UAE alone, Teka has a vast network of Traditional and Modern Sales Channels, in partnership with more than 500 traditional retailers/dealers, consisting of Kitchen Studios and Bathroom and Building Material shops as well as in the currently relevant Modern Distribution Channels and Online Marketplaces. Teka has also been part of more than 475 construction projects in the UAE, creating state-of-the-art kitchens throughout the country.

Arturo Manso, Managing Director, Teka UAE, said that Teka has cemented its position as the number one built-in kitchen appliances provider in the country.

Differentiating philosophy

Teka’s appliances are the soul of every kitchen. Every employee works towards a higher purpose. The main goal is to ‘create meaningful moments’ to share with your loved ones’ in one of the places in a home where cherished memories are made. Every solution is built with this in mind — solutions and real innovation that fit into the customer’s lifestyle, in harmony with their home.

“We are not a brand that just sells products or an image. When you are cooking a meal with your family, we exist to be part of those moments,” outlines Manso.


Steak Master Oven

Unconventional after-sales care

Another factor that gives Teka a competitive advantage is its impeccable after-sales service also known as its Care and Service Centre. Manso opines that the company provides “unconventional care”, distinct from the standards that are commonplace in the industry.

Manso explains further, “From the moment a customer makes a servicing call, they can feel the difference. They will be informed every step of the way — from when the technician will arrive, to the attention to detail when conducting the repair itself.” Great care is taken to ensure that the surrounding area of the appliance under repair is not damaged or dirtied. The technicians will also inform the customer what the problem is, how it was caused, the solution and prevention of the issue, offering complete transparency.

Teka maintains excellent customer relations. Even during challenging times like the last few years, Teka supports them. Manso details that the ‘How can I help?’ approach embodies the company.

It is because of Teka’s quality and after-sales service that it has been able to grow its 500-dealer-strong network. Every dealer knows that Teka products equal ‘no headaches’ with the customer or the manufacturer. “His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai said, ‘There is no finish line in the race for excellence’, and this is our driving force behind our quality and customer service,” said Manso.

London Brick Brown, Urban Colors Series

Product highlights

Teka has not stopped innovating and even during the Covid-19 pandemic — there have been more than 100 ‘Novelties’ and product upgrades that it has presented.

One of the Novelties is the SteakMaster, an oven for meat-lovers, which can cook the perfect restaurant-quality steak, without the need for a barbecue. Another is the Maestro Pizza oven which can bake a pizza fit for an Italian restaurant.

Kitchen trends

The number one trend according to Manso is the demand for varied colour schemes. Previously black and stainless steel were the go-to hues, but this has changed. Teka has introduced the Urban Colour Edition featuring five new colours — Night River Black, Steam Grey, London Brick Brown, Stone Grey and White Marble for all products. “People look for sophisticated interconnected products that are also user-friendly,” he observed.

Spark of innovation

Teka UAE’s latest launch is a new range of kitchen sinks named PureLine FlexLinea. The material of the sink is antibacterial and no water remains on the surface.

Another is the DirectSense induction hobs with temperature sensors, so one can cook with the exact temperatures, and ExactFlame gas hobs, which comes with nine settings to control the size of the flame. Within the next 12 months, Teka plans to launch around 15 new products.

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