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Assessors form the backbone of our Awards and evaluate organisations, identify their strengths and share opportunities for improvement and growth

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Published: Fri 29 Apr 2022, 10:27 AM

Last updated: Fri 29 Apr 2022, 10:29 AM

Assessors make Business Excellence Awards possible every year silently working behind the scenes. It takes more than just hard work and dedication to be an assessor; it requires a sense of purpose and commitment and the ability to understand rules, weigh performances and contribute within a team.

People often join as new assessors and work their way up through years of involvement to become a senior assessor, deputy team leader and then team leader. Responsibilities for every company visit and assessment are based on the role of the


Inspired by the hands-on in-depth understanding of excellence, many of the assessors have encouraged their own organisations to apply for the awards as well as members from their social circle to apply as award assessors.

How to become a DQA Assessor?

To be a DQA assessor, you must have adequate experience in either quality management, information technology, finance, human resources or general management in a managerial or supervisory capacity with not fewer than eight years of work experience. You have to be a graduate with a BSc degree.

Strong command of English/Arabic in reading, writing and spoken language (An assessor has to read and understand a 50-page document either in English or Arabic and should be able to discuss with colleagues.

Be enthusiastic, open minded and a great team player. Participate for the sake of learning and understanding, not just to collect qualification certificates.

Be available to contribute to the assessments for over more than one cycle (at least two to three consecutive cycles). This is a place to grow.

Have sufficient time after work to spare for the assessment process.

Have an easy schedule from November to February. This is the time for training, consensus meetings and/or site visits.

Integrity, professionalism and the ability to complete the assessment process in a timely and confidential manner are essential qualities.

Preference is given to candidates who represent companies, which are likely to implement the award criteria in their own organisations.

Special preference is also given to UAE nationals, bilingual assessors and EFQM Certified Assessors.

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