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Dr. Muhammad S. Tahir
Dr. Muhammad S. Tahir

You can rely on American Wellness Center for the best medicinal consultants and an empathetic service that ensures resounding health.

By Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Published: Mon 14 Dec 2020, 8:19 AM

Last updated: Mon 14 Dec 2020, 10:43 AM

American Wellness Center offers a one stop solution for patients who are on the lookout for some great medical consultants. The facility in the Dubai Healthcare City is not only serene and professional to the core, but also offers a perfect ambience where patients feel at ease in discussing their woes, threadbare, with top-notch consultants, and find the path of recuperation. It is a state-of-the-art private, multi-speciality centre that provides a range of medical and mental healthcare and therapeutic services.

Dr Muhammad S. Tahir is the brain behind the success of American Wellness Center. It was his initiative, which was born out of his intuition to serve the ailing humanity. He is a person who cares and at the same time is a pious soul - an aspect that is Greek in these days of egocentrism and thoughtlessness.

Dr Tahir is a qualified psychiatrist and neurologist from the prestigious Columbia University, New York; and distinguished professor/faculty from Cornell University New York USA. His expertise is in Child, adolescent and Adult psychiatry and neurology. Dr Tahir completed his earlier medical education (MBBS) from a prestigious institution in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. He has also extensively studied subjects other than the field of medicine to enrich his knowledge, Like International relations, current affairs, Journalism, history and comparative religions.

Dr Tahir's philosophy is to correlate the treatment of mental and physical health. His focus has always been on how to achieve a 'balanced life'. His passion is to create a service line by the education, training and experience, which is why from professional executives to the working classes; all prefer to be consulted here for their problems.

The establishment of American Wellness Center in DHCC in 2016 was not a coincidence. Dr Tahir deeply entertained the concept of serving humanity, and he is quite generous, too in his cause. His facility at DHCC is open for everyone, and even for those who cannot afford the full cost of consultation. His standing orders are to take care for everyone and serve with passion and care.

This passion distinguishes Dr Tahir from his competitor and has acted as a catalyst in motivating some of the best doctors in the UAE, and worldwide, to be associated with American Wellness Center for their par-excellence diagnosis and management skills.

American Wellness Center stands for quality, trustworthiness and believes in serving with persistence. With more than 30 consultants, it brings the best of American standards of medical care to Dubai in the fields of psychiatry, paediatric cardiology, pulmonology, physiotherapy, orthopaedics, Ob-Gyn, aesthetics, psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, neurology, corporate counselling, family medicine and last but not the least pain management.

The articulateness and dedication at work from reputed consultants at this speciality center has many success stories, and patients remain in counselling even long after they return to health. Dr Tahir says, "I keep talking to my patients even after they are cured, and well settled in their life."

The qualified clinicians, as well as an apt administrative unit, make sure that they deliver quality care with compassion. This is why a soft-spoken Dr Tahir, who is also its chairman, remarks that, "My intention is to bring all the best of doctors under one roof, and it requires passion, flexibility and consideration." It is a gigantic task. But Dr Tahir has been able to accomplish it in a valued, graceful and professional manner.

American Wellness Center is run meticulously on professional lines, and patients frequent it from everywhere including Gulf countries and other parts of the world as far as Zambia, Asia Pacific, Nigeria and Russia to name a few. Dr Tahir says patients who went on to treat themselves in the United States were advised by consultants there to refer to Dr Tahir at American Wellness Center in Dubai.

The facility is in progression and all efforts are being made to make it a cathedral for best medicinal practitioners of repute. Dr Tahir's leadership qualities and his humility are bound to make that happen. From diagnosis to healing, it is ensured that the patient is taken care of their sensitivities and problems. This is what makes American Wellness Center a preferred place for healing and happiness.

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