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De Novu Institute strives to aid the community to lose 1,500 kg annually. Marc Choufani, General Manager, sheds light on how one can benefit from its weight loss programs


Nisthula Nagarajan

Published: Thu 15 Jul 2021, 5:45 PM

Last updated: Thu 15 Jul 2021, 5:52 PM

What is the idea behind establishing De Novu?

Evidence shows attempts to lose weight unsupported regularly fail because diets are hard to follow, and we end up not losing weight, get discouraged and give up trying. By setting up De Novu Institute, we hoped to introduce a facility that would create a focus on healthy, sustainable weight loss achieved through lifestyle modification and behavioural transformation with accountable support.

If you are overweight or obese or have a history of unsuccessful dieting or you are looking to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle, kick start your weight loss journey with De Novu Institute’s Lifestyle Modification Weight Loss Program that’s right for you.

How is De Novu aligned with the UAE’s and Ministry of Health and Prevention’s aim to promote healthy living?

De Novu is aligned with the UAE’s Ministry of Health And Prevention to create a long-term impact on the community. Our mission is to help the community to lose weight, one member at a time. We aim to make the community lose an average of 1,500 kg every year.

What are the specific initiatives provided by De Novu to undergo a holistic weight loss regime?

Research indicates that the most effective way to lose weight is an approach that combines diet and exercise. We have taken it one step further by introducing the disciplines of health coaching and weight loss massage to offer a uniquely holistic approach. Our health coaches follow a unique approach to understand your weight history and collaboratively with you to determine your target weight, which is a very important metric for anyone trying to lose weight and keep it off.

Weight loss programs are delivered over three stages. Every stage is outcome-focused. Every stage is constructed by selecting with the health coach fit for purpose monthly packages, which are comprised of weekly holistic and structured sessions. During sessions, health coaches provide support with accountability by taking measurements every week, discussing progress, and storing them in our electronic medical records.

It’s a journey designed to help our members lose weight and keep it off.

Can you talk about De Novu’s unique approach to weight loss?

Our health coaches personalise the weight loss programs to the needs of our members to achieve their target weight and stabilise on it. This includes personalised diet plans to fit each individual’s preferences. Our health coaches communicate the duration and cost of the weight loss program to our members in their free initial consultation. The objective is to keep the weight off. As such, the weight loss program is undertaken only once, avoiding the ‘yoyo’ effect of weight loss and regain and the associated costs and adverse health conditions.

How is De Novu different from other weight loss centres?

We offer the Effective Lifestyle Modification Weight Loss Program to achieve real results for our Members. Patients are treated like members in our institute, which is designed to be accommodating and motivational for them.

De Novu is the only program that tells its members up front in the initial consultation, the target weight to achieve, the duration to achieve it, cost to achieve it and the savings that can be achieved through De Novu’s incentive programs. No other program offers this level of transparency and predictability.

To give our members even more encouragement to reach their target weight and adhere to their weight loss journey, we award them with a discount based on their performance. ‘More You Lose Less You Pay’ is one of our incentive programs whereby consistently following the program and losing weight, a member is more likely to achieve their Target Weight and save money by doing so.

What are the steps taken by De Novu after a client’s transformation to sustain a healthy lifestyle?

According to a Harvard Medical School study, your social network is the single most deterministic factor for weight gain and loss. Referring friends and family via our ‘Wise and Well’ referral program, makes a member’s social network lose weight, which ensures the member is keeping the weight off. Referring has a direct impact on member’s costs and keeping their weight off.

Hence, this collectively helps our goal to make the community lose at least 1,500 kg per year.

For more information, visit https://de-novu.com/weight-loss/.

Marc Choufani, General Manager, De Novu Institute

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