AX Group builds the benchmark and blazes a trail in several key sectors

By staying true to its core principles, the determined and talented group endeavours to create projects with exceptional quality that exceed clients’ expectations

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Michael Warrington, CEO, AX Group.
Michael Warrington, CEO, AX Group.

Published: Fri 1 Dec 2023, 5:23 PM

Last updated: Wed 13 Dec 2023, 12:40 PM

Featuring a strong and diverse portfolio across numerous key sectors, including construction, development, healthcare, real estate and renew-able energies, AX Group is one of the leading firms on the island and the driving force behind a string of landmark projects. With a significant asset base of nearly €500 million, the group’s financial position is robust, meaning its substantial investments in two showcase developments — the stunning AX ODYCY Hotel and the Verdala Terraces — have opened new revenue streams and boosted its enviable reputation. While the former is a fully renovated luxury hotel with spectacular views, enviable location and exceptional service, the latter comprises an exclusive collection of 87 luxurious residences, ranging from apartments, panoramic mansions, duplexes and penthouses.

Spread out across the Royal Mansions and the Grand Mansions, the upscale properties offer an unparalleled level of sophistication, style and grace. Through a sharp focus on restoration and quality, AX Group specialises in restoring historic buildings with an emphasis on quality, soundproofing and energy efficiency. That last pledge adheres to the company’s strict sustainability philosophy, which also includes commitments to investment in renewables, water collection, electric vehicles and waste reduction.

Core principles drive success According to AX Group CEO, Michael Warrington, a successful corporate philosophy based on the three core principles of integrity, determination, and creativity has been crucial to its growth. “We are very open to ideas of innovation, both in the projects we create and in how we use technology. In terms of innovation, we have been at the forefront of a number of innovative projects over the years. We’ve also now started looking at the use of AI within our operating businesses. This includes looking at ways in which we can make our buildings more intelligent in terms of their energy use and maintenance.” Unlike many companies, AX Group welcomes competition and rivals’ investment projects, as the senior executive is eager to highlight. “Our investment in the AX ODYCY project has spurred our competition to actually come forward with new investments themselves,” he states.

“Whenever somebody raises the bar in an industry, the com-petition needs to do the same in order to continue to compete, and that is a very positive philosophy. “Having strong competitors actually gives us the energy, and the incentive, to do better continually. The philosophy isn’t just about nice buildings, but it’s about exceptional service, and that is where we rank very well. Looking to the future, the senior executive is excited about AX Group’s projects pipeline: “We are working actively on many big investment projects, with a very clear business plan and vision of how we will continue to grow.”

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