An Outstanding Achievement

Paras ShahdadpuriChairmanNikai Group of Companies
Paras ShahdadpuriChairmanNikai Group of Companies

The Chairman commends the UAE's leadership on its resilience and is hopeful for the post-expo world

The Nikai Group of Companies offers its heartiest congratulations on the commencement of the Expo 2020 Dubai, the biggest show on the planet. We offer our congratulations also for the splendid achievements of this great nation during the past 50 years. Imagine the UAE of 1971 and now of 2021. All this has been possible thanks to the visionary and committed leadership of the UAE. Kudos for the total transformation from a desert nation to one of the most modern and vibrant countries that have emerged in the modern era and the true testimony of the fact is that Dubai has been designated as the fifth-best city in the world. This is unimaginable progress when we reminisce the absence of educational and health facilities or general utilities, let alone of any major infrastructural facility. Today, the UAE boasts of the highest, biggest, longest Guinness book achievements in the world. UAE has not only achieved unprecedented inclusive and all-round progress within the country but has also helped various countries across the world in developing their infrastructure. I consider the UAE a miracle country and call it ‘an out of the world live experience’ watching its growth.

To be hosting a mega event, that too the size of an Expo is a huge recognition of the UAE’s strength, the first in the GCC, in the Arab World, the Middle East and North Africa.

The world faced the devastating health and economic challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic, the worst in the past 100 years. The UAE faced this challenge head-on with flying colors. Even when Expo 2020 Dubai had to be postponed unexpectedly due to the pandemic, the UAE has shown true resilience and has bounced back as a huge winner — both on the fronts of vaccinating its population and by shoring up the sinking economy.

This achievement has been recognised and applauded by the entire world. This small nation of 10 million has not only offered a free course of vaccination to its entire population but has exported Covid-19 vaccinations gratis to various other countries.


Today, the UAE is hosting more than 200 nationalities from across the globe with different religions and faiths, but it has provided a unique oasis of peace, prosperity, inclusivity, safety, security and all other utilities in abundant supply. The leadership of the UAE have always been on the side of the entrepreneurs and professionals and during various ups and downs by providing succor during times of crisis. The UAE is truly bouncing back as if with vengeance, bringing back on track the disrupted economy with the almost stifled tourist movement, with hardly few planes flying by the best and the biggest airline of the world, Emirates, with all the tourism-related industry such as hotels, hospitality, etc. coming to a stand-still. People from all over the world have recognised the strength and resilience of the UAE in handling the devastating effects of the pandemic outbreak. Ultra-High-Net worth individuals and High-Net worth individuals from across the world are deciding to move to the UAE as a safe haven for their lifestyle and Investment needs.

Expo 2020 Dubai with its amazing theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ and its three sub-themes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability will showcase innovations for a better and prosperous world. All the country exhibitions have come with unique themes, and I am positive that this mega show with the participation of close to 190 countries, an expected visitor base of 25 million, will be a fabulous, outstanding and unique experience for decades to come and thereby unleashing a new wave of progress, peace and prosperity for the entire world.

We wish a huge success for Expo 2020 and congratulate the visionary leadership of UAE who have managed to stage this greatest show on the planet. God Bless the UAE!

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