An Introduction to Italy

The Italian Yellow Directory project aims to be a bridge between Emirati and Italian businesses

Published: Mon 25 Apr 2022, 4:14 PM

Last updated: Mon 25 Apr 2022, 4:16 PM

One of the most interesting projects that will be promoted by the Italian Chamber & Commerce Office in the UAE, is the Italian Yellow Directory. The project, which will be launched in the month of June 2022, works as a direct bridge between the Italian companies from several sectors and the different operators in the Gulf area. It is important to highlight that it is the first project of its kind to appear in the Gulf area and that its main goal is to create contacts, provide visibility and presence to all Made in Italy products so that new and concrete opportunities for business for the Italian companies will be created.

This ambitious project, which is the result of both the experience and knowledge of the territory, thanks to the 20-year-old presence of the Italian Industry & Commerce Office in UAE in the region, will not have any temporal deadline. As a consequence, it will become a real and true point of reference for the Operators in the Gulf. The so-called Made in Italy is largely appreciated in these countries and the project will function as an accelerator to the already existent trend of buying the Italian products.

This project, that will become the point of reference of the so-called Made in Italy for the Gulf region, will offer and include several services. First of all, the B2B platform will be promoted in the entire Gulf, on which the local operators can search, find and visualise the Made in Italy products and services.

Furthermore, it will be granted a Representative Office in Dubai and some companies’ representatives on site, together with a Secretary in the Italian Industry and Commerce Office that will support the companies. The former will be the ‘guarantor’ during the delicate phase of entering in the market that is indispensable for obtaining credibility and speeding up the contacts; while the latter will implicate the presence of figures of reference on site that will be dedicated to the management of the contacts since the professional image and face-to-face relationship is very important in region. It should also be added that the selected companies will be able to count on legal, fiscal and customs support. Finally, a Marketing team formed by specialised figures will devote itself full-time to the promotion of the platform through targeted actions in the network toward the use of specific activities in the main social networks and informative and marketing campaigns.

The promotion of the Italian Yellow Directory Platform in the Gulf will be carried out in five Gulf countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE. It should be noted that the marketing activity will be not only focused on the areas of competence of the Chamber of Commerce, but will also allow the platform to be indexed in other countries not necessarily limited to the Gulf, with the consequent possibility that other operators ‘outside the Gulf’ can contact the companies.

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