An emotional moment for us


Eitan Na'eh, Head of Mission at the Embassy of Israel and Ilan Sztulman Starosta, Consul-General of Israel in Dubai
Eitan Na'eh, Head of Mission at the Embassy of Israel and Ilan Sztulman Starosta, Consul-General of Israel in Dubai

Ilan Sztulman Starosta, Consul-General of Israel in Dubai, speaks about the beginning of an era of enhanced mutual understanding between both countries with eyes set towards the future

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Published: Thu 11 Mar 2021, 9:29 AM

Last updated: Thu 11 Mar 2021, 11:39 AM

Views on the UAE-Israel relationship

I think that the relationship is developing very fast with a lot of satisfaction from both sides, even though we face a lot of difficulties as there are many agreements we're moving very fast in this relationship. When you look at it from the overall point of view, it's a very emotional moment for the state of Israel and for the United Arab Emirates. I think we're really making history here.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's maiden visit

Even during the current situation with Covid-19 and the elections coming up, the Prime Minister has found the time to come and show his friendship and pay his respects to the rulers and to the people of the UAE. We are excited to participate in this moment.

Significance of the visit to the UAE-Israel relations

This is another step in our continued relationship and friendship. He is visiting one of his new best friends, the UAE Government. And I hope that soon we're going to have Emiratis flying to Israel once the pandemic is over and we'll continue the relationship we're having in all different fields. 

Message to the Israeli diaspora in the UAE

My message is that I'm happy we're here and I'm happy each Israeli that does business or anything here are helping to improve this relationship. And I hope that this is only the beginning of a very, very long friendship.

Message to Emiratis

I thank them because the welcome that we are receiving, particularly my family and I personally, is very heartwarming. With the risk of being a bit emotional, it's really a historic moment. And for me and my family to be part of this moment of having peace between the state of Israel and an Arab state, it's something that I have dreamt for decades and we see it happening now. And I thank the Emirati people and the Emirati government for allowing me to participate in this.


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