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Extracurricular activities can help you get better placements than you think. To create the perfect one, join Inner Universe's boot camp

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Published: Sun 27 Jun 2021, 10:22 AM

Last updated: Sun 27 Jun 2021, 12:31 PM

Laying on the beach, having ice cream, catching up on reading, or attending family reunions are indeed fun activities for the summer. But did you know that developing your extracurricular activities and creating your CV could also be fun and fulfilling at the same time?

Most students in high school scour through endless lists of opportunities and possibilities to craft the perfect résumé.

And the most obvious reason to do so is that they shall soon be applying to colleges, and colleges will want to see what they have done outside of their classrooms as much as within them.

But do you know why colleges want a résumé? While your school record can tell your academic story, it is the activities beyond the classroom - the 'extracurricular activities' that can tell about your talent, character, and contribution. These elements along with your curricular performance, define the student, the star, and the citizen in you.

Shyamala Elango, Director, Inner Universe

Inner Universe, the Dubai-based educational consultancy, offers sound advice for the résumé-building process.

What are the first things one should keep in mind while building a résumé

Debunking myths: "I don't have sports, or I have not done any service" - these are worries that students sometimes have. But remember, colleges do not have a prepared checklist that they want every applicant to follow blindly. The activities you are engaged in must be because you want to do them, not because you have to do them. There is a difference.

No clutter: Your résumé is your chance to show your growth, your contribution, and what you have learned through these activities. So, include activities that you really want to be part of - those that can hone your talents and help you create a legacy.

Less is more: The fewer activities you are engaged in, the deeper your commitment and contribution are likely to be. Therefore, you should pick activities that you can manage comfortably within your schedule yet allow you to make profound impacts.

Create a theme: The résumé must blend in with the scholar you are, the person you are, and must highlight your defining characteristics and accomplishments. In addition, as you move through high school, it might be worthwhile to include activities that can help with your plans for colleges- say, your choice of major.

And through our unique "Profile Building Bootcamp 2021", we attempt to do exactly that.

What is the Boot Camp about: It is a summer workshop that helps identify your strengths and create a plan for an extracurricular profile that melds with your personality, your expectations, and your aspirations.

Through a series of exercises and activities, you will be able to create themes that can allow you to showcase your voice and your goals clearly. 

Who is it for: It is designed for students in the first three years of high school (grades 9 through 11)

How does it work: Over five days, students meet with the counsellors to identify their gaps and strengths. The CV is accordingly rearranged with clear plans and targets. Resources are provided to fill gaps. The targets and the plans ensure that you use your time most productively to create a specialist out of you. There will be follow-up sessions to evaluate and reassess plans.

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