A Trusted Name in the Food Industry

Shadi J. Hassan, General Manager, Lifco International Trading Group
Shadi J. Hassan, General Manager, Lifco International Trading Group

Lifco continues to weave its success story in certified food product distribution

Published: Sun 13 Feb 2022, 9:00 AM

The Lifco Group, with over five decades of excellence, has been serving the global market with trust and enthusiasm. Inspired by the exemplary vision of its founding fathers, the organisation is now a leading venture in niche sectors, ranging from marketing and distribution to logistics and global trade.

Lifco Group offers a spectrum of brands that specialise in food products and other services, collectively contributing to its turnover of over $500 million. The organisation has stayed true to its dedication of quality product distribution, which is demonstrated by its high rank among top retail chains in the country. “We believe in cohesiveness in diversity, a culture that has been nurtured by Lifco ever since its establishment,” said Shadi J. Hassan, General Manager, Lifco International Trading Group. The group operates in the UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Iraq and China.

Internationally branded

Since 1975, Lifco has been one of the largest consumer food distributors in the UAE. The brand has a state-of-the-art distribution infrastructure set in place for the import, storage, distribution, and marketing of dry, chilled, and frozen consumer products. Furthermore, its daily reach covers hypermarkets, supermarkets, groceries, restaurants and food service outlets. “We carry a dozen international brands for exclusive distribution,” he added.

Innovative ventures


Lifco recently moved into the production of dairy products. The group currently has a state-of-the-art infrastructure based in Sharjah that specialises in cheese production. It focuses on preparing cheese blocks, shredding, slicing, and manufacturing specialties such as fresh mozzarella balls. Hassan said: “We also pack various cheese for our clients under their private label. The factory is qualified and certified under all international standards. It is audited and approved by many multinational companies.”


Lifco is exhibiting the latest innovations of its private labels, as the company looks forward to injecting innovation into the business and product range, while showcasing its specialties to organisations from all over the world. “We keep our strength in existing partners for growth and development that helps us develop new lines in view of changing market trends. Gulfood sheds great light on this aspect,” Hassan maintained.

Lifco is constantly on the lookout for new avenues to expand its business and strengthen relationships with overseas partners for mutual growth opportunities. Gulfood is the connection with the overseas regions.

Quality conscious

The organisation incorporates modern sales and marketing management tools and is armed with over 1,000 professionals that are trained to deliver. Its logistic network is certified under Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and complies with local health regulations and international standards.

Technologically Advanced

Lifco follows an Enterprise Resource Planning system that supports its entire network of import, sales, distribution, marketing and delivers orders within 24 hours to the client. It stays connected to its partners, via its base in Dubai Industrial City.

Towards the Community

The organisation is driven by a long-term vision and strategic drive to achieve targeted success. It is also committed to CSR initiatives. The management at Lifco has always valued its responsibilities by supporting and participating in events related to the communities.

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