A life-changing, transformational educational experience

Students obtain a truly international perspective wherein they study not just in one country but in three locations

You're looking to enrol at a premier top-notch b-school, with a great campus, infrastructure, cutting-edge academic rigour, world-class faculty and programmes with global accreditations and affiliations. All of these are par for the course. However, at SP Jain, what we also offer is a life-changing, transformational journey where you become a business-ready manager from day zero.  

It is a pioneer in promoting the concept of global intelligence - the school has mastered the multi-campus model and has campuses in the vibrant cities of Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai (all major financial capital markets) with a slew of successful undergraduate and master's programmes. Through this tri-city learning model, students get an amazing opportunity to visit, learn and intern in Singapore, Dubai, Sydney and Mumbai. This provides students with direct experience of three different cultural and organisational/business environments. Imagine a scenario where, each student gets to sit in classes in Singapore, Dubai and Sydney and also obtain an opportunity to intern in all three cities and get absorbed by an organisation after graduation. At each location, they have opportunities to pursue projects, out-of-class activities, and internships that make them very relevant and attractive to leading companies in Australia and around the world. An SP Jain student can graduate with a portfolio that includes several global experiences, including a minimum of three internships.  

SP Jain, a leading technology-led Australian business school known for its disruptive innovation in business education, did not wait for another institution nor did it wait for some other time to put together a refreshing and innovative approach of introducing a transformational education experience. The students obtain a truly inter¬national perspective wherein they study not just in one country but in three locations and learn about the global challenges that companies face, including international boundaries, global economics and varying trading laws. They also learn how to overcome these challenges, and negotiate with diverse cultures. To top it all, during the programme, students get the opportunity to interact with students from different countries, giving them a personal and in-depth understanding of how business works in foreign countries. It's about learning the skill of doing business and its direct impact on the community. This is where the art of leadership blends with the science of management. Having lived and studied in the world's top business cities, SP Jain students have a unique advantage when it comes to competing for global jobs. The curriculum that has been carefully crafted covers a broad list of topics and introduces the students to multiple areas, niches and skills. The school has turned traditional pedagogy on its head by using technology-led approaches such as gamification, blended learning and virtual reality as part of its teaching philosophy. This will greatly enhance their employability and empowers SP Jain graduates with the skills and confidence to drive decisions and take on the global challenges of the 21st century. The icing on the cake is that students upon graduation may be able to live and work in Australia by applying for a post-study  

work visa. 

Admissions are open for September 2021 intake. Visit www.spjain.ae to learn more.

"SP Jain's mission translates into delivering an outstanding learning experience that truly takes the students on a transformation journey to become sophisticated managers and responsible corporate citizens. The 9,000 plus strong alumni community has grown, including individuals who serve as innovators in top companies, manage businesses for global firms and turn brilliant ideas into successful ventures. Their continued success in their workplace has proven that the effort to reimagine business education and focus on aspects like global employability and mobility are gaining international recognition. At SP Jain, we do not wait for anyone nor do we wait for some other time to continuously make changes for the benefit of students - we're the ones we've been waiting for. This is why students from SP Jain are a rare breed."

Dr Vaidyanathan (Vaidy) Jayaraman 

Global Dean (Undergraduate Programmes) and Professor - Supply Chain Operations, Data Sciences and Analytics - SP Jain School of Global Management


"What I've loved about SP Jain so far is the environment it has created for all of us; out here we don't feel like students but like confident business leaders in the making. The multicultural environment combined with collaborative learning has increased my exposure to different nationalities. I feel very fortunate to have met immensely knowledgeable professors and wonderful friends, who are helping me grow personally and professionally. Overall I believe I've taken the right first step towards my future career."

Pranav Pravin Gujaran  

Gems International School  

BBA 2020


"S P Jain School of Global Management strongly focuses on both academics as well as extracurricular activities. I have had the pleasure of learning and working with different nationalities on several innovative projects, and take part in amazing competitions, which encouraged me to think outside the box. The faculty is amazing, and the learning experience is something other universities cannot offer. The school has helped me develop my professional personality with increased self-confidence and great communication. The programme focuses on the essentials of business while incorporating the country you are in, which is impressive and gives a very hands-on experience."

Suwaibah Salim  

Gems Our Own English High School, Dubai  

BBA 2020  

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