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The brand is reputed for creating the best-in-class fitness regime in Dubai

By Muhammad Ali Bandial

Published: Mon 6 Jun 2022, 11:47 AM

There’s a famous saying that goes ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. At Cosmos Sports City, they have taken the adage very seriously as within three decades, the brand has become known as the number one destination for sports, fitness and outdoor facilities. Dedicated to offering quality products to customers, with a focus on reliability, service, and uniqueness since its inception in1990, Cosmos Sports City has displayed an unwavering passion for helping others to develop life skills through sports, providing the best services and facilities for a healthy lifestyle.

The vision of the brand is to create a globally healthy society through sports, which inspires them to continuously break new ground through their offerings. A passion for sports is what fuels them in achieving their goal.

This is shown in the wide array of games and fitness activities that the brand caters to through its facilities and grounds, including both indoor and outdoor facilities. Currently, people can choose from an exhaustive list including football, cricket, badminton, gymnastics and skating. In addition to these, the Sharjah facility will soon introduce table tennis, padel, swimming, volleyball, tennis, skating, boxing, wall climbing, basketball, MMA and gym facilities. These are complemented with a hair and nail salon along with a beauty lounge and spa. There is also a sports goods store that provides the best equipment for every level from beginner to pro on exclusive offers and deals. Ayurveda and sports therapy is also provided to customers along with a dedicated health bar that caters to the dietary needs of the customers.

In order to ensure the best training, Cosmos Sports City provides training from expert coaches and staff to make sure that members can improve their skills and get the best out of their sessions. A large part of the credit for the success of Cosmos Sports City goes to the father-son duo of Faisal Athikkotte, the Founder and Co-chairman, and Jasim Athikkotte, Executive Director, along with Kirti Kothiya, Executive Director and Parag Jangilwar, Executive Director who discussed the salient features behind the facility.

Badminton facility
Badminton facility

Please tell us about the idea behind starting Cosmos Sports City?

Founded in 1990, Cosmos Sports has come a long way from its humble beginnings. When we first started out, our passion for helping others to develop life skills through sports and providing the best equipment for a healthy lifestyle, drove us to do intense research and gave us the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a booming brand. Sports help children learn lifelong skills, empower women, engage men, and remove discrimination in communities. It also provides a platform for people to come together to build and sustain values.

How popular has it been since its inception?

We now serve customers all over Kozhikode (Kerala, India) and Middle East, and are thrilled to be a part of fair-trade wing of the real industry. In wholesale and licensing, the group retains a portfolio of world-famous brands as well as our own brands. In addition to this, Cosmos Sports City is actively planning to expand with an aim to make their sports inclusive for all by supporting the community commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Today, Cosmos Sports has come up with the Cosmos Badminton Academy, a renowned academy in the region for advanced level coaching and training by international level and experienced coaches. We offer venue booking services for badminton courts, football arena and indoor cricket. Furthermore, we are soon planning to open branches of Cosmos Academy in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. We also provide badminton courts, football grounds, cricket pitches and space for gymnastics and skating on rent.

Indoor Football and Cricket facility
Indoor Football and Cricket facility

How is it different from others in the sector?

We aspire to be an international leader in sports lifestyle by offering our customers a dynamic range of iconic brands and services. Cosmos Sports has cultivated a culture to create a positive impact by bringing people together in order to develop a healthy society. With respect to our products and services, we have strived for cultural harmony by instilling a sense of good sportsmanship in our customers. Additionally, as a socially responsible organisation, we are involved in charitable activities by contributing a part of our profits for the betterment of those in need. We would also like to highlight the special attention our team gives to source quality products ethically. "Start sports from a young age, for a healthy life" — is a message we as a team have for the world, and we strive every day to make sports accessible for all by broadening our services. Additionally, we offer coaching for badminton, football, cricket, gymnastics and skating.

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