A Legacy of Committed Corporatism

From humble beginnings to unpretentious success, the rise of ITL Cosmos alludes to a history of nurturing special memories and lasting relationships with its customers

Published: Wed 26 Jan 2022, 12:00 AM

India’s commitment to a republican constitutional democracy is momentous and magnificent, as it exemplifies the promise of an entire nation to author the rules which they would go on to obey, marking their freedom and determination to chart the course of their history. But more importantly, it upholds the value of such freedom and self-determination, and ITL Cosmos salutes this spirit and has, since its inception, held on steadfast to the commitment of charting a history and settling the trends of the retail and distribution operations in the UAE.

ITL Cosmos — a company among the first to start retail operations in the UAE — has often been regarded as the trendsetter and focus- binder of the market. The company, recognising its responsibilities, has panned out its market and consumer strategies, not only keeping in mind its position today, but more importantly, it is working towards a nuanced possibility for tomorrow. It steadfastly holds on to its commitment of providing and nurturing a market for consumer electronics and home appliances, which caters and cares for the needs, concerns and detail of every consumer. We have not only a wide range of brands, more importantly, we have a wide choice of products in terms of features, pricing and aesthetics. The products which we market include internationally renowned consumer electronics, home appliances, timepieces, grooming products, home products and household accessories, travel solutions and portable power resources, to mention a few. While the company represents a number of global majors, ITL Cosmos is possibly the world’s longest standing distributor of Sharp Corporation, Japan, and Rhythm Timepieces, Japan. The business objectives of ITL Cosmos are geared towards not so much a profit-driven initiative as much as a consumer-satisfying endeavor.

ITL Cosmos is a story of humble beginnings to a modest and unpretentious success. In 1953, nearly two decades before the formation of the United Arab Emirates, the group was among the first to start operations, leading to the inauguration of a departmental store in the region in 1960. Even as it was confronted with the usual and perhaps unavoidable start-up hiccups, the leadership did not diminish or dilute their resolve and determination. It is worthy of mention here that these hiccups were such which are unimaginable for most of us today, including lack of basic infrastructure, reliable electricity and supply of potable water — amenities which are today taken for granted and are indeed guaranteed. The group attributes its consistent and steadfast grip on its objectives and trajectory to its committed and dedicated leadership, who have forever been a symbol of motivation and support and a beacon of light, while traversing the tunnel.

ITL Cosmos’ business model is primed for the digital/millennial age, with customers having the option of physical as well as digital shopping. The products the group represents and distributes are today available at major retail platforms including major e-commerce portals. Its iconic vision is neither limited nor shortsighted, rather it has its sights set firmly on the next century. For ITL Cosmos, turnover, vertical growth, market share and fancy numbers have never been a priority or consideration; they believe that they have reached an advanced stage in their development, where their main goal is to focus on nurturing special memories and lasting relationships with their customers, and vendors. Importantly, the company is zealous in its emphasis on socially-indispensable CSR activities to help contribute to the rehabilitation, reintegration and uplift of the impoverished, underprivileged and war-ravaged people across our globe.

ITL Cosmos has indeed authored a history — a history of committed corporatism, ethical consumerism and caring growth, and it continues to stride along this trajectory. ITL Cosmos is a mark of a determined and free market history. It represents a sense of freedom and determination similar to that which forms the basis of the Indian republic.

As India marks the 73rd year of its commitment to a republican constitutional democracy, ITL Cosmos stands in salutation and celebration of the leadership and people of both India and the UAE.

Just a few years after ITL House (the corporate HO of ITL Cosmos Group) was built, a young lady, Ms Kumud I Vasu completed a painting of the building, on May 21, 1974. ITL House was the only building in the area with sand and some soft structures around it

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