A holiday paradise for all seasons

Türkiye, with coastlines along the Mediterranean Aegean and Black Seas is renowned as a popular holiday destination throughout the entire year

Published: Fri 11 Feb 2022, 12:00 AM

The summer of 2020 has been unique in modern history, with an ongoing pandemic, travel worldwide has been difficult due to various restrictions.

In the meantime, Türkiye remains a summer vacation paradise, welcoming millions of tourists every year. If you haven’t yet taken a summer holiday this year, we explore Türkiye’s best destinations for a memorable vacation – away from the crowds.

In the heart of nature in Ayvalık

Overlooking a sparkling blue bay with views of the Ayvalık Island archipelago and the Greek island of Lesbos, Ayvalık greets visitors with balmy weather, lush nature and delicious Aegean flavors. Like most locales in Türkiye, Ayvalık has its share of historical sites; the ancient cities of Troy and Assos are a few hours’ drive from town. Ayvalık itself was an ancient Aeolian port. While the area is busy during the height of summer, it becomes much calmer as autumn rolls in.

Bozcaada’s most beautiful camping areas

It must be acknowledged that the concept of a holiday has evolved along with the pandemic, as visions of lively beaches and nightlife give way to thoughts of quiet, uncrowded destinations. Caravan, camping and glamping holidays, along with treks or bicycle tours, tend to dominate our current vacation plans.

The calmest bays in Bodrum

Just outside of the bustling Bodrum you know and remember are some of Türkiye’s most secluded bays. Whether you prefer a simple tent or a stylish boutique hotel, the Bodrum area offers a delightful vacation destination for anyone seeking quiet relaxation. Bodrum is well known with its traditional Turkish appetizers/meze: stuffed zucchini flower (kabak çiçeği dolması), smoked eggplant mixed with yogurt (köpoğlu mezesi), Purslane salad with yogurt, bitter orange marmalade, pickled cucumbers etc. Dishes also cooked or prepared with olive oil are served cold.

Cultural heritage: Assos

Set between the Kaz Mountains and the North Aegean coast, Assos is still relatively unknown compared to other Aegean holiday centers. With sea, history and plenty of great food, the ambient noise of charming Assos is the singing of birds. Whether you prefer camping, rustic bungalows or boutique hotels, Assos delivers.

In the Assos center, visitors can wander narrow streets with centuries-old structures such as the Athena Temple. There’s also the Assos ancient city, definitely worth a visit. For a socially distanced summer vacation away from the crowds, add Assos to your list.

Datça, capital of calm

There are dozens of beautiful locales for a vacation in Türkiye. But Datça is among the most distinctive — surrounded by mountains and bays, this beautiful district in Muğla has a humid Mediterranean climate that tempers the heat.

Datça is also famous for its almond groves — so much so that there’s an almond festival every February: the Datça Almond Flower Festival. Fortunately, Datça’s delicious almond treats are available year-round.

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