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Consider how the pandemic has changed the world and the choices we make

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Published: Thu 17 Jun 2021, 9:02 AM

Last updated: Thu 17 Jun 2021, 7:33 PM

A university degree prepares you for a successful career and future ahead. Researching how the pandemic has disrupted the industries you're interested in can help you choose the best programme, whether you are leaving high school or planning a career change.

Earlier this year, LinkedIn released its Emerging Jobs Report, which charts the changing job landscape throughout 2020. We've broken down major sectors from the report and our relevant programmes to help you decide on your next steps.

Software and Technology

Unsurprisingly, the call for digital talent has risen globally. The UAE is becoming the global hotspot for technology and innovation, with a 61 per cent growth in hires in 2020. One of the UAE's strategic national objectives is to cultivate a knowledge-based economy, and Dubai's tech-savvy market is propelling this forward, with cloud and smart technologies and AI - to name just a few - already integrated into local infrastructure.

Related Middlesex University Dubai programmes: BEng Electronic Engineering, BSc Information Technology, MSc Robotics, MSc Data Science, MSc Cyber Security and Pen Testing.

Business and Finance

Like similar global economies, the UAE is strengthening after the initial impact of COVID-19. Organisations in the country need business-savvy, strategic graduates with financial expertise who can adapt business plans, financial strategy and organisational infrastructure to the new realities of the post-pandemic world. According to LinkedIn, 53 per cent of general business roles hired in 2020 held a Master's degree or higher. Our Business Department is a major provider of business and management programmes, with deep links to industry.

Related Middlesex University Dubai programmes: BA Accounting and Finance, BA Business Management (seven pathways), MSc Investment Management, MA International Business Management. 

Creative Sector and Digital Marketing

The ongoing adoption of digital platforms in the UAE has resulted in an astounding 200 per cent rise in digital content-related roles, cementing Dubai's strong position as a regional creative hub. Our main campus is located close to Dubai's highly influential creative business communities Media City and Internet City, both of which are home to a thriving ecosystem of innovative start-ups and well-established industry giants.

Related Middlesex University Dubai programmes: BA Film, BA Advertising, PR and Branding, BA Graphic Design, MSc Digital Marketing


Reflecting the growing global interest in upskilling and professional and personal development, education-related roles saw an immense 72 per cent increase throughout 2020 at all levels. The UAE is a regional educational hub, with 210 schools and 36 higher education institutions in Dubai alone.

Related Middlesex University Dubai programmes: BA Education Studies, BA Early Childhood Studies, MA Education (three pathways)

We are preparing students to enter the post-pandemic world with confidence. Middlesex University Dubai offers over 70 programmes that are designed to empower you to launch a successful, resilient career in in-demand industries across the globe.

Dr Cedwyn Fernandes


Middlesex University and Director

Middlesex University Dubai

"We empower our students to take charge of their career trajectory and master the skills needed to be resilient and competitive on the global job market. We work consistently with employers and industry partners to update our teaching and learning materials across all programmes and create opportunities for our students to make the right connections. With students seeking impactful careers in in-demand industries, which are constantly evolving, we also keep innovating the choice of programmes we offer. We offer a range of programmes across Business, Law, Psychology, Accounting and Finance, Computer Engineering, Data Science, Media, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Fashion Design and many more."

Titas Basu

BA (Hons) Marketing

Middlesex University Dubai

"I am a second-year BA (Hons) Marketing student at Middlesex University Dubai and it has been an honour. The faculty are extremely helpful and provide support at every step of the course. Whether it is advice on managing my course or what I can do to improve my knowledge, they are ready to help. The Centre of Academic Success has also helped my friends and I learn how to research and find information for our assignments and exams efficiently, along with guidance on how to format our work correctly to avoid losing grades. Even though this year has been tough on everyone, distance learning has made it so much easier for all."

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