Missing Expo 2020 Dubai? Relive those memories with passports, caps, buggy on sale at warehouse

50% discounts are being offered on collectables, souvenirs and other items

By Text and photos: SM Ayaz Zakir

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Published: Thu 7 Jul 2022, 5:04 PM

Last updated: Thu 7 Jul 2022, 10:47 PM

During Expo 2020 Dubai, mascots Latifa and Rashid, robot guardians such as Opti, Alif and Terra, and well-loved souvenirs like passports and pins became a big part of our lives for six months. But at the end of March this year, the world's greatest show came to an end.

If you're missing the magic, a warehouse in Dubai is giving fans a reason to smile by putting plenty of memorabilia up for grabs.

TVG Global was the official retail store partner for Expo 2020 Dubai. All the Expo outlets were made by the event management firm, which also manufactured many of the official products. And now, the TVG Warehouse, located at Dubai Investment Park 2, is offering yet another chance to make those memories a part of our lives forever.

“These collectables, souvenirs, and exclusive products are on offer for less than 50 per cent of the actual price,” informed Sophie Xi, , General Manager, TVG Global.

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The robots were the first technological masterpiece visitors to the world fair communicated with, but you can always own a clip-on replica.

Some of the accessories were extremely popular with visitors, such as caps.

The warehouse stocks almost all official Expo 2020 products. There are great bargains on products for adults as well as youngsters.

“For the young ones, there are Expo 2020 Dubai pencils, books, bags, toys, learning materials, card games and much more. Kids are sure relive Expo 2020 moments,” said Sophie Xi.

One of the souvenirs, which was the highlight of the grand fair and even after the event, was the Expo 2020 passport. There was so much demand for this item that it was listed online for exorbitant prices. It was a prized possession for people, as it served as a proof, as well as a memorabilia, for those who visited the 192 country pavilions.

During the event, thousands of tourists and residents were seen wearing a distinct piece of metal accessory on their chest, hat, or even attached to their bags. Evidently, they carried it with pride. And these were the Expo pins and badges.

The Expo 2020 pins were among the highest selling products at the fair, and there is still demand for it. The pins are among the best sellers at TVG warehouse. “These are not worn now, but people buy them for keeps. They are one of the most in-demand collectable here,” said Xi.

That’s not all, there are some exclusive items from the mega fair that may surely surprise you. Many visitors took a ride around the Expo site in this buggy.

Yes! This is also on sale. You can own this too. And if you are willing to shell out on one of them, TVG warehouse has 20 of them on offer.

Another mind-blowing collectable on the list is the Expo 2020 mascot coins. Only 2,020 silver coins were made exclusively for the event, with a unique serial number, and almost all of them are sold out. A few remaining ones at the warehouse are in heavy demand. The limited edition coins, weighing 40 gm, are surely a prized possession.

Another prized possession is the limited edition gold coins. Almost 1,000 gold coins were made and as of now, there are just two pieces available – weighing 7 gm and 20 gm.

Another star product available at the warehouse is the ‘star’ itself. Going down memory lane, you would most probably have seen them on the façade of one of the most visited pavilions at the event. Remember the USA Pavilion? Yes, thousands of metal stars were used to make the façade of this pavilion. And these are also on sale.

Nearly 500 stars of different sizes are available. And the best things about purchasing one of them is, your name will be engraved on it along with the pavilion commissioner general’s note.

“This is of great value. People use this as a decoration at their offices and homes,” said Xi.

These stars are sold in two different packages – platinum and exclusive.

The platinum package is offered in a premium wooden and glass frame with a customized plaque. “Nearly 50 units of these have already been sold and 50 are in process of being framed, and is yet to be delivered. We have more than 400 of these prized collectables on offer,” said Xi.

Touring the entire mega site was no mean feat. Imagine covering a few hundred square metres on foot. You were obviously exhausted after walking around and visiting pavilion after pavilion. This is when this exclusive product came in handy for everyone – it was a lifesaver.

This water can was available all around the world fair. This precious commodity not quenched our thirst but also created awareness on avoiding the usage of single-use plastic bottles. Now, they are available at crazy prices at TVG warehouse. Oone can buy them in bulk at amazing discounts.

The Expo 2020 logo made a fashion statement. People wore it with pride, pleasure, and joy. There are fabulous deals offered on Expo merchandise.

“We are offering seven T-shirts for just Dh100. During the event, the retail price of a round neck shirt was Dh89 and the polo neck ones was sold at Dh100,” said Xi.

Xi added that a renowned manufacturer produced these fashion clothings which were made of high-quality material.

This exclusive Expo 2020 Dubai memorabilia warehouse sale is running until July 12, and visitors will get a mystery gift if they shop items for above Dh250.


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