Gitex 2021: Meet the home assistant robot that has incredible human qualities

Dubai - A German firm has developed a game-changing robot that can see, hear, understand and feel.


Saman Haziq

Published: Tue 19 Oct 2021, 9:15 PM

Last updated: Sun 28 Nov 2021, 6:35 PM

Picture this. You have an assistant at home or at your workplace, who will unquestionably listen, perceive, and process your command 200 times faster than any human being.

Your orders will be obeyed in a nanosecond.

Neura Robotics, a German company, is displaying such commercial robots at this year’s edition of Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (Gitex), which is being held from October 17 to 21, in Dubai.

Neura Robotics enhances the cognitive abilities of a robot that enables the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered machine to think like a human.

This is the first time such a mechanical contraption has been on show in Dubai, an innovation and technology hub.

Neura Robotics promises to deliver a robot that can seamlessly perform household chores and also play the role of a companion with aplomb.

It can play and talk to a consumer in an increasingly wired world.

David Reger, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Neura Robotics, put the game-changing concept in perspective.

“Our motto is ‘we serve humanity’. Hence, we have developed robots that will never hurt humans and that’s how it has been programmed. The 360-degree sensors attached to the robots help them know the difference between humans and objects. Usually, robots don’t have a system to know if it is interacting with a human or an object. This is the first time in the world such a distinction is being made,” Reger said.

“The home assistant robot will be available in the market next February.” — David Reger, CEO, Neura Robotics

A brave new AI-powered world

“By early next year, you can get your AI-backed home assistant robot with cognitive abilities of a human-like feeling. It will have an AI-enabled mind that can communicate effortlessly. It is capable of carrying out all kinds of tasks such as tidying up a house, loading a dishwasher or a washing machine, mopping, dusting and cleaning surfaces. These are the unique attributes of this robot,” said Reger.

He added that his company aimed to showcase robots as multi-purpose tools that have cognitive faculties.

Home assistant robot’s USP

The home assistant robot promises to be agile, affordable and easy to be lugged around because it would not weigh more than 16 kilograms (kg).

“The robot has a platform that will move on rollers, a microlite robotic arm that can lift objects weighing around six kilograms (kg). It has an AI-powered voice recognition faculty, which relies on colour coding. This helps it to follow the orders and filter the loud surround sounds,” Reger added.

The CEO cited that the similar technology could be used beyond homes such as workplaces, retail stores and healthcare centres.

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>> Breast cancer screening

>> How to give a perfect back massage

>> Kitchen automations

>> Automotive welding

>> Laboratory automation

>> Manufacturing factory products

>> Logistics

>> Surgical procedures

What is a cobot?

This robot can be classified as a cobot, where they work closely with humans and help them complete a task much quicker. It has high precision and is capable of error-free outcomes.

Reger pointed out a cobot called Maira.

What is Maria?

“These multi-sensing intelligent robots are being used in stores, where they assist in fetching things and serving customers who can order through their voice or even by pointing at something they want. Maira will interact with you like a human. It will ask you and confirm with you what you asked for. The robust and rigid design combines the performance of a high-end machine with easy programming and infinite possibilities for interaction – both for beginners and experts alike,” he added.

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