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All About You: An engaging platform for storytelling by women in business

Dubai - An afternoon that brough powerful women from different walks of life to discuss their journeys over an interactive panel discussion

By Somya Mehta

Published: Thu 25 Mar 2021, 7:30 PM

What happens when women support women? They become empowered. And what happens when empowered women come together? The entire place comes to life, oozing confidence, strength and determination, with a touch of warmth and the everlasting ability to nurture. And that is exactly what happened when accomplished women from all walks of life came together for the first ever edition of All About You, by wknd. and The PosH-Studio by Shefali Munshi. All About You is a monthly series of gatherings that provides an empowering platform for women to come together and exchange ideas, over interactive chats. The launch event took place at Soul Green Dubai at VIDA Creek Harbour on March 21. It was hosted by the renowned public-speaking expert Andreea Zoia, and the afternoon was kick-started by a relaxing healing session by Chikki Sirish.

Panel discussions comprised leading influencers like Vimi Joshi, Caroline Labouchere, Aleezeh Khan, Naseeha Khan, Ahlaam Ali, Nicole Rodrigues, Radwa Salem and Malavika Varadan, who shared their journeys, covering a wealth of topics including wellness, beauty and financial freedom. The insightful discussion on financial freedom urged women to take ownership of their money matters, to truly feel independent and liberated when it comes to building their enterprises.

Radwa Salem, founder of giftit.me, said, “I think what made my business one of the fastest growing start-ups today, is that I always try to find creative ways to spend my money. People always have a very strict mind-set around money. I was told that if I want to grow my business, I need to hire many people and have the best social media company on board. Instead, I chose to come up with creative solutions and keep my spending at bay in the beginning, to be as cost-effective as possible.”

Another thought-provoking session, on the transformation of the beauty industry, ignited a narrative about taking responsibility for a more inclusive tomorrow. “I think it’s crucial to combat colourism and ageism within the beauty industry. Are we being represented? This is a question I often find myself asking,” added global celebrity make-up artist, Vimi Joshi.

The venue, exclusively decorated by Chimoo Acharya, made for an inspiring afternoon filled with chit-chat, laughter and personalised goodies for the guests. The guests received personalised beach bags from Style Your Gift, signed copies of Ahlaam Ali’s Hotties Handbook, a copy of Geeta Ramakrishnan’s The Game of Change, The Bodytruth Soap Bars, special immunity tea by Papillon Tea, Just Vegan delicacies and CTZN pouches. The women will also get the opportunity to list their businesses at giftit.me, as a reward for their everlasting resilience in establishing their businesses from ground up.


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